Saturday, September 21, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Seven (ACM Records)


Bio From The Official ACM Records Site:  You probably remember 7 as a lucky number. Yet Seven is \'lucky\' to be alive pursuing his dreams as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His near death experience from head trauma from a tragic accident in 1995, brought about the name when he was in the hospital for only seven days. 

Seven has always had a love for all music. As a youth, he hung around many family members and friends in the music industry, but his true interest came about when he was in Oakland in 1993. His uncle Pete Wilson was producing a record for his group at the time and brought Seven in on one of the recording sessions. Pete had him rap on a track, which came to be Seven\'s first recording. Seeing the process of making a record right before his eyes intrigued Seven ten times more with music. 

He worked with many unknown and unsigned recording artists, producers, and musicians until he got burned once too many. Chance, another uncle of his, approached him with the game plan of owning his own record label. Therefore Roccaz Records was born. They recruited a producer/friend Keith Sterling to help with Seven\'s debut album Roccaz Records. 

Together they created 18 tracks in 3 months. All original music, two guys, no egos, no B.S. When asked what makes him different from the rest, he says, \'music lives forever, and my goal is to be %231, nothing more, nothing less\'.

Purchase some of Seven's previous releases here at this link

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