Saturday, September 24, 2016

This Poem Needs a BEAT: "Blacklist Documentary" (by Darrell Herbert)


Blacklist Documentary

First name negro, middle name nigga, last name nigger, another suicidal flow about to reload Uncle Sam's trigger without using any fingers
Don't tell me you feel me, show me proof
I'm not a leader for those who follow suit
Where was you when I was hurting?
You can't work it out if you never put the work in
Lynch my freedom, die with the stigma
Of not being a God, or an enigma 
Small dose, I don't know because I feel like the distance plays a major role
Took the Xanax, take control
Stripper tease, bitches fold, every gold-digger is not gold
Death's a bitch, life's a hoe
Off the drugs, on the road
In the danger, offing loads
Crossing burning bridges at buried souls
Black on black crime is like a white lie with no closure, it's crazy how the ones you fuck with fuck you over
Left the blood in Kansas, got a nigga in handcuffs, they'll try to knock me down before I even get a chance to stand up, they'll try to snipe me down before I even put my hands up
Heaven on Earth, will we fly again?
My ancestors were raped by different tribal men, they burned the Church, arsenic eyed again 
That's fucked up, you told me that you were willing to try again
I'm the living proof of what it means to die again
It's not ironic that they'd call us slaves
Fuck the statue of liberty because those stuck on the blacklist never had a say
Slaving day in and day out for no fucking pay, or minimum wage, and yet, we can't trade our finances with government aid  
And that's the kind of shit that I fucking hate, we were kings and queens before they re-routed our mind state
We had to kneel to God and ask him for faith
We had to preach in these cold streets even if the heat would make contact with our face
We had to lose the buses to ride the fucking escape, lighting that spark with no fucking wave
It's a black and white world, which side do you take?
For the time being I am well equipped to say some shit
It's sad how you take a hit, reload the clip, unload the flick, you take a sip, you pass the spliff, you cut your wrist, you suck the colorless dick meanwhile your insecurities are performing tricks, damn, you fucking bitch
And this message is the continuation, if this is child's play, why is there still allegations towards child molestation?
Fuck you all, here's the truth, they'd never play this song, even if they did that shit still would not be in heavy rotation 
It's fucked up how they fucked her without a thong
To even say that the rape victims could be wrong
I hate that shit because if the roles were reversed you would slit your own voice box using the pedophile's cordless phone
Burn my words, and erase my tone
Another black nigga tried to make his jail cell a home
Since he can't see his kids, she fucked his friend Jerome
But, little did she know that her daughter gave him dome
It was not because she wanted to do it, he made her moan
Her brother's upstairs dreaming of better a time in Rome
Her mother's in the other room sucking a pimp's dick in exchange for a brand new hair comb 
Lean on me, no lean
Holy, them O.G's just O.D.
Are you a friend or just another enemy?  
Selling your soul is putting financial gain over artistic integrity 
Coporations are pimping blacks, and black pimps just count their stacks meanwhile all of their hookers are sniffing that white crack, it's not opinion, that's just facts
But, do you ever feel the rage inside a maze?
Why do you think I had to part ways?
Slave owner who's still a slave
A bird in a lost cage, an addict with no phase, a story-teller with no phrase, and a slight sinner with darker days
Guilty consciousness, a mug
My condolences to the victims of the Pulse night club
With the lights out, it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
Do you know what I mean?
Smells like teen spirit back when we were still fiends
A white police officer raped a fifteen year black teen while she was still in her jeans
My people need some fucking reparations for all of the injustice unseen
A country controlled by one, these ideologies and scientific philosophies run
A movement that's philosophical, corrupt warfare is idealogical, bringing awareness towards African customs, values, and traditions have become possible 
The judge does not give a fuck
I mean this trial won't take long, especially since they decide what's right and what's wrong 
If this is the land of the free, why are my people still locked in chains?
Unforgiving land, or unforgiving say
Deformed into a robotic state, we were not programmed that way, they use reality shows to reality-check our self-hate
Fuck your red, white, and blue, we all slaves