Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Beat Yard Single Of The Week: Rhyme Scheme "Four Letters" (produced by KZR Beats)

Take a listen to The Beat Yard single of the Week, "Four Letters" by rising indie hip hop artist Rhyme Scheme, and the track was produced by KZR Beatz!  Listen to this single and feel free to post your comments!  If you are loving the single and would like more information on this artist just check out his official promotional blog at

Monday, May 13, 2013

Beat Talk: Rhyme Scheme (Interview)

Take a look at our newest interview with West Coast based emcee and Beat Yard featured artist Rhyme Scheme!  In this interview Rhyme Scheme talks about beats, favorite producers and more!  Read all about it below....

Ask Five on Black Vibes:  Interview with Rhyme Scheme

The Beat Yard:  How would you describe your sound as an artist?  
Rhyme Scheme:  My sound is from the 90's era.  I would describe it as real hip-hop.  I like to speak about reality and flow on beats that can keep your attention.
The Beat Yard:  What type of beats bring out the best in what you do?
Rhyme Scheme:  I really love when a beat speaks to me.  It has to be a variation of instruments to create an irresistible sound.  I really love west coast beats but some east coast beats allow me to tell a story.
The Beat Yard:  Who are some of your favorite producers?
Rhyme Scheme:  Some of my favorite producers are Dr. Dre, J. Cole, DJ J Green, KZR Beats, The Alchemist, Kanye West, & Daz from the Dogg Pound.
The Beat Yard:  Who are some of the producers you've worked with so far?
Rhyme Scheme:  I have worked with KZR Beats, Nabeyin, Jee Juh, DJ J Green and DJ ZTRFKR.
The Beat Yard:  Who are some beatmakers that you'd like to work with in the future and why?
Rhyme Scheme:  I would like to work with Dr. Dre & DJ Premier. They both have a very unique sound with an old school approach.  Kanye West is also a very soulful producer.
The Beat Yard:  Do you buy beats?
Rhyme Scheme:  Yes. I like to buy beats.  You never know which song could be a hit.  So it's better to have some type of beat contract with the producer.
The Beat Yard:  What is your process for selecting beats?
Rhyme Scheme:  I usually set aside an entire day and run through dozens of beats from many producers. When I hear a potential song, I write the name of the producer and beat down for future references. Sometimes I will buy the beat on the spot and record the track right away.  The beat to my single "4 Letters" was an instant marriage.
The Beat Yard:  Do you prefer to be in the studio with the producer, or would you rather them mail tracks to you?
Rhyme Scheme: Both processes work for me. Sometimes having a producer in the studio could enhance the creative process.
The Beat Yard:  How would you describe the beat on your latest single "4 Letters" for those that may haven't heard it yet, and what made you select it?
Rhyme Scheme:  The beat to "4 Letters" instantly caught my attention. Before the entire beat finished, I already had a song created.  The lyrics were 100% freestyle because the beat spoke to me.
The Beat Yard:  Is there anything else you would like to plug?  Any shout outs?
Rhyme Scheme:  I would like to give a shout out to "The Giant Blast", KZR Beats, DJ J Green, Victoree, and you, "The Beat Yard" for this interview. One Love!

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mr. Boom Boom Bang "Good Ones" (Beat Yard Exclusive)

Listen to the newest single "Good Ones" from Atlanta, GA based producer/ rapper Mr. Boom Boom Bang and tell us what you think.  What do you all think of this beat and the subject?  I know some of you out there can relate.

Feel free to post your comments in the comment section below....

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