Featured Artists & Beatmakers (Directory)

The Beat Yard Featured Artists & Beatmakers
Here is a list of our featured Artists & Beatmakers (past and present).  If you would like to join this prestigious list, just e-mail us at TheBeatYard@yahoo.com

Brittney J (R&B Singer)

DJ Affluence (DJ/ Producer)
          Blog:  http://www.djaffluence.blogspot.com
          Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/djaffluence

Dolo the Bandit (Artist)
          Blog:  http://www.dolothebanditblog.blogspot.com

Freestyle of the Arsonists (Artist)
          Blog:  http://www.whoisfreestyle.blogspot.com

Ike Ellis (Artist)
          Blog:  http://www.ikeellisnews.blogspot.com

King Coleman (Producer)

MCBEE-X (Artist)
          Blog:  http://www.mcbee-x.blogspot.com

Mono Bagends (Artist)
          Blog:  www.bagendsblog.blogspot.com
          Youtube:  www.youtube.com/monobagendsmusic
          Twitter:  www.twitter.com/monobagends
          Facebook:  www.facebook.com/monobagendsmusic

Mr. Boom Boom Bang (Artist/ Producer)
          Management:  Moses Dailey (mosesdailey@aol.com)
          Blog:  http://www.boomboombangblog.blogspot.com

Some Kosher Yuppy (Artist)
          Blog:  http://www.southcoastrecordsblog.blogspot.com 

Stupid Genius (Producer)
          DJ/Producer, songwriter, composer, vocalist, mixologist

Rhyme Scheme (Artist)
          Soundcloud:   http://soundcloud.com/cobaine-1
          Reverb Nation:   http://www.reverbnation.com/cobainemindsushi
          Jango:   http://www.jango.com/music/Rhyme+Scheme?l=0  
          Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/cobainearmoreddown   
          Blog:  http://www.rhymeschemeblog.blogspot.com

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