Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Zeus the Plug (Beat Yard Spotlight)

After a year long hiatus to perfect his craft Chicago and New York artist Zeus The Plug is back better than ever! Highly anticipated by fans he will be dropping his debut album Alibi on April 26th available on Itunes and Apple Music store. Chance The Rapper's Grammy winning engineer/producer Jeff Lane worked with him on the album. The album is getting rave reviews and sure to be iconic.

One thing people will appreciate when they get an opportunity to meet me, is the fact that, my music represents the lifestyle.- Zeus The Plug

You can stay up to date with him on all social media sites @zeustheplug

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Rapper D-Hud has a GOOD EAR for BEATS

Rapper D-Hud has an amazing ear for beats!  Listen to his track selection on the songs by visiting his official Sound Cloud page at the link below

Get more updates on D-Hud at his official promo blog at

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Marcel P. Black "Cry Freedom" (Official Music Video)

Watch the new music video from rising hip hop recording artist MARCEL P. BLACK titled "Cry Freedom".  The beat on this track is banging, and Marcel P. Black brings life to the beat with his powerful and insightful lyrics.  Check it out and post your feedback below.

FEATURED MUSIC VIDEO: General Grown "Hustle"

Watch the official music video from GENERAL GROWN for the new single "Hustle" here! Watch it, listen and post your feedback below. Get more updates on GENERAL GROWN on his official facebook fan page here

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: SPF (Symphonic Pheenix Force) "About To Start Rapping"

Listen to the new BEAT YARD MAGAZINE single of the week by Nerdcore Hip Hop recording group SPF (Symphonic Pheenix Force) titled "About To Start Rapping". On this track, each emcee brings their top notch A game, spitting witty and clever lyrics filled with similes and metaphors using references to classic video games, science fiction, movies and comics!  Listen to how each emcee breaks their verse down and see how many references you can spot!

Follow SPF on social media at this link

BEAT TALK: Tray Da Menace (California based Rapper)

Interview with California based rapper TRAY DA MENACE

The Beat Yard:  How is everything going Tray Da Menace? 
Tray Da Menace:  Everything is going well I appreciate you guys for asking, I hope all is well for you guy's

The Beat Yard:  Could you tell the readers a little bit about yourself? 
Tray Da Menace:  Well for starters I just turned 20.  I was born in Pasadena, CA since then I've lived in an assortment of different places but I currently reside in Victorville, CA.

The Beat Yard:  What type of beats bring out the best in what you do? 
Tray Da Menace:  Um Personally, I go off of the vibe I feel at the moment I'm diverse as far as beats go i just have to feel the vibe before hand.

The Beat Yard:  Who are some of your favorite beatmakers / producers? 
Tray Da Menace:  BuckMouthBeatz, Dr.Dre, Dj Quik, Dj Battlecat, Zaytoven, Bruce24KJohnson, Jay Thuggy, Lil Xane, LarryJayy, IceBerg, Terrance Martin, and HiiiPowerXL.

The Beat Yard:  Who are some of the beatmakers / producers you've worked with so far? 
Tray Da Menace:  So far I've only worked with BuckMouthBeatz, HiiiPowerXL, and Iceberg.

The Beat Yard:  Do you buy beats? 
Tray Da Menace:  Yes I buy plenty of beats

The Beat Yard:  Who are some you would like to work with in the future? 
Tray Da Menace:  To be totally honest I wanna work with everybody I'm open to all opportunities.

The Beat Yard:  Have you ever produced any of your own tracks in the past? 
Tray Da Menace:  No, I haven't but I would like to in the future.

The Beat Yard: What type of sounds do you like hearing in beats? 
Tray Da Menace:  I like to kind of hear like dark gritty sounds that get you hype but then again I like to hear smooth soft sounds but no matter what I'll always love hearing a West Coast sound of any kind but once again everything is a vibe thing with me.

The Beat Yard:  What is one of your favorite instrumentals of all time? 
Tray Da Menace:  There are so many but I'll always love the sound of Roy Ayers "Everybody Loves The Sunshine", Tha Dogg Pound "Cali Iz Active" and Tupac "I Get Around".

Get familiar with Tray Da Menace at these direct links
Soundcloud link:

Monday, April 10, 2017

Slow Chemical has an EAR for Nice Beats

Rapper and comic book writer Slow Chemical certainly has a good ear for beats!  Check out his production choices by listening to his complete songs on soundcloud at this direct link

Mixtape Of The Week: Royal Entry #Gorilla2017

Listen to The Beat Yard Mixtape pick of the week from rising North Carolina based rapper ROYAL ENTRY titled #Gorilla2017.  Royal Entry bodies each track on this mixtape with his forceful delivery and stand out above average punchlines and metaphors in his lyrics.  

Don't just take our word for it!  Listen to the mixtape for yourself and hear just how Royal Entry unleashes his inner animal on the beats!

Royal Entry #Gorilla2017

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Link up with LAZURUS

North Carolina based hip hop performing artist LAZURUS is blowing up all over the Southeast and beyond!  If you aren't quite familiar with this highly skilled lyricist then WAKE UP and get linked in with him at the music links and social media sites below!  Check him out, follow him, and be on the look out for more music, show dates and more!

Links to Music
Social Media Links


North Carolina based hip hop recording artist GHOST DOG's new album DREAMS OF A WANDERING SAMURAI is available on iTunes and anywhere music is being sold digitally!  Here is the direct iTunes link

The beats on Ghost Dog's album are BANGING!  Ghost Dog's production choices and taste in beats are geared more towards traditional hip hop heads that love the golden era boom bap hip hop from the mid 90s with a dash of new age progressive hip hop thrown into the mix.  Ghost Dog's super lyrical abilities match well with the beats and you can hear that very well on the project.  Listen to it for yourself and let us know what you think.

Add GHOST DOG on Social Media at these links....

Booking inquiries:
Twitter: @ghostdogmc
Facebook:  Ghost Dog MC

Saturday, April 8, 2017

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Cooley High "Big Ol'" featuring Mystikal

Listen to the BEAT YARD single of the week by Cooley High featuring Mystikal "Big Ol'" here at this direct link

Listen to the single and post your feedback below!

Metanoiz "404040" featuring Chris Rivers (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for METANOIZ titled "404040" featuring Chris Rivers the son of the late Big Pun! Listen to the single, watch the video and post your feedback.