Thursday, January 15, 2015

Beat Talk: DJ Nero Maserati (CW3: Reloaded)

One of the hottest DJ's in Chicago, DJ Nero Maserati stops by and talks with us about his latest mixtape CW3: Reloaded!  Shout out to South East Hip Hop Magazine.  Listen to the entire mixtape at Spinrilla!

CW3: Reloaded Vol. 1

CW3:  Reloaded Vol. 2

The Beat Yard:  How is your 2015 so far DJ Nero Maserati?
DJ Nero Maserati:  So far so good. Making some major moves.  Putting together more Mixtapes.  Blessed all the way around the board.

The Beat Yard:   Tell us a little bit about your latest mixtape CW3: Reloaded.
DJ Nero Maserati:  It's a Classic.  Filled with a lot of great music from some very talented artists that's on the rise. They are all industry ready songs.  I structured the Mixtape to have continuous flow.  When you listen to it you can actually play it in it's entirety until you find your favorite song or songs that goes with your mood.  It's a very well rounded Mixtape. 

The Beat Yard:   What type of beats can listeners here on this mixtape?
DJ Nero Maserati:  There are all types of production on this Mixtape.  I don't just go for a particular sound.  I like for my Mixtapes to have range.  So that I can reach everyone instead of boxing myself in and appealing to just one audience.

The Beat Yard:  What type of beats / tracks do you enjoy listening to?
DJ Nero Maserati:  Honestly I love music.  Depending on my mood at the time.  By me being an Urban DJ I get a chance to hear a lot of great production on all levels.  So it's hard for me to say I enjoy this sound more then any other.

The Beat Yard:  When selecting music for your mixtapes is there a certain sound that you go for?
DJ Nero Maserati:   Actually my titles sets my sounds.  It's like the title of a book or movie basically tells you what your in store for.  CW3 RELOADED had my mind set at an up beat bouncy flow. Not on a twerk level but more on that action/adventure movie sound.  You know thrilling.  No dull moments period from one song to the next.

The Beat Yard:   Who are your favorite beatmakers / producers?
DJ Nero Maserati:   Old School Producers:  DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, J Dilla (r.I.p.), No ID, Kanye West, Pharell, Mannie Fresh, DaWreck... New School Producers:  Band Camp, Dj Mustard, Mike Will, Jahlil, Xcel, Trak Surge, J Cole... Just to name a few at both levels.

The Beat Yard:   What's one of your favorite produced tracks on your current mixtape?
DJ Nero Maserati:  All of them.  Each song to me is super #DOPE or they wouldn't be on my project.

The Beat Yard:   How would you describe the beat selection on your current mixtape CW3: Reloaded?
DJ Nero Maserati:  Up Beat. Full of action. Keeps your attention. Give you that bounce. Have you feeling good from the first to the last track.

The Beat Yard:  Is there anything else you would like to say?
DJ Nero Maserati:  Be on the look out for me cause I'm here to stay. CHICAGO'S HOTTEST DJ NERO MASERATI. Check my collection out on SPINRILLA: Shout out to my Management Chi Ann Management.  Shout to The Beat Yard for the opportunity to speak the masses with this interview. #SALUTE