Monday, September 22, 2014

Beat Talk: Shys Debiocci

Current South East Hip Hop Magazine featured artist Shys Debiocci sits down and talks with us here at THE BEAT YARD about his forthcoming projects, the types of beats that bring out the best in him and more!  See what this young gifted artist has to say in this in depth one on one interview below.

The Beat Yard:  What's up Shys Debiocci?  
Shys Debiocci:  Hard work and my eye lids.  lol.  Real talk.

The Beat Yard: You have two hot singles out right now....  "Twerk" and "My City" how would you describe the beats on those two singles?
Shys Debiocci:  The beat on "My City" is like a guddah street banger.  Like when you hear it, it makes you wanna get live (turn up).  Make you wanna shake yo dreads, yo head, whatever street hyper.  Twerk is what it is a "Booty Shaking", sweat it out beat.  It's no way you can hear that beat and not wanna dance.  I swear you got fellas feeling it.  I know some dudes that came up with a dance with some females, and it's a player dance I didn't even know it could be converted, but you gotta see it.  They are not dancing nowhere close to a female, it's just how fellas kill the beat.

The Beat Yard: What type of beats bring out the best in you as an artist?
Shys Debiocci:  I mean of course I can get off on any beat, but I like those beats like Meek Mills, Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross, Dipset.  They got Jada and DMX type beats, ether type beats.  Them hard joints!  I murda them beats real talk.

The Beat Yard:   Who are some of the producers you've worked with so far?
Shys Debiocci:  As of now just one producer and that's Baby Breeze Productions.  He's a guerrilla with the beats.... true story! 

The Beat Yard:  Who are some producers you would like to work with in the future?
Shys Debiocci:  Some producers I would like to work with, Dr. Dre, Mannie Fresh, The Runnas, Cool and Dre, Swizz Beats, Kanye and many more.
(Cool & Dre)

The Beat Yard:  What are 4 of your favorite beats / instrumentals?
Shys Debiocci:  4 of my favorite instrumentals are Nas "Ether", that's a MONSTA beat.  Umm Jay-Z "Dynasty" intro beat.  Jay-Z's "Renegade" beat is retarded, and Lil' Wayne intro freestyle on The Carter 2 is sick!

The Beat Yard:  How can beatmakers/ producers go about getting in touch with you for submitting beats?
Shys Debiocci:  To submit beats you can e-mail me
and of course you can hit me on my facebook SHYS DEBIOCCI and Instagram SHYS DEBIOCCI.

The Beat Yard:  Do you buy beats from up and coming producers?
Shys Debiocci:  I would support up and coming producers, but what they have to realize is I had to pass out songs and sell CDs for $3-$5 to get known.  You can't come out with outrageous prices and you don't have the rank yet, you gotta build.  Sometimes you gotta build friendships.  Give 1 or 2 beats and gain forever loyal-ness.  It'll come back to you sometimes you gotta get your name out there 1st.  Giving me a beat, you become known because of my fan base and deals I got lined up, and shout out my people every interview.

The Beat Yard:  Do you have a process for selecting beats?
Shys Debiocci:  Do I have a process for selecting beats?  I mean, not really.  I sometimes get one made to an idea I already gave in mind, or just listening to the beats and seeing what catches my ears.  I write stuff in my head, just listening to a beat, and it depends in my mood if I feel beastly, I get a gudda go hard beat.  If I'm laid back that's what I look for.

The Beat Yard: Is there anything else you would like to plug or mention in this interview?
Shys Debiocci:  Look out for the movie I co star and direct "The Cougar Story".  I'm still touring, but if you wanna book me hit my e-mail or inbox.  My book is close to being published "2 Ways 2 Hustle", and I gave marketing and distribution deal that will put my music everywhere so be on the look out for that.  Thanks to my supporters and fans.  Let's go!  I #GoLive