Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Singer Zemy sings over a Sick Beat for her New Single "Be Myself"

Rising teenage singing sensation and ACM Recording artist Zemy has a hot new single out titled "Be Myself", remixed by the same grammy nominated composers that brought you the single "Dare To Live A Dream" by Australian duo PerfectPryzm, The KlubJumpers!

The beat is real energetic and has a "larger than life" feel to it.  Zemy's vocals match perfectly with the KlubJumpers instrumental, and it will surely have everyone hitting the dance floor, or breaking their neck as it pumps in their ipod.

Speaking of ipod, the full song and maxi single is also available on iTunes.  Check that out here at this link

Want more information on Zemy and her music, just check out her official blog Zemy Online at this link

Friday, December 21, 2012

DJ Khaled cosigns rising Indie Artist D.I.V.

DJ Khaled recently gave his stamp of approval to Yonkers, New York based emcee and current Giant Blast and Beat Yard featured artist D.I.V.  Check out the song featuring DJ Khaled by D.I.V. titled "Move" (Make It Motivate) above. 

For more information on D.I.V. check out his official blog at

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Project Spotlight: The 12 Hour

This week's spotlight is on D.I.V.'s most recent release The 12th Hour!

The 12th Hour

The 12th Hour was released Dec. 12th 2012 (12/12/12), and it features 12 banging hot tracks of lyrical sickness and outstanding production provided mainly by Joey C. and Jay the Chef!  D.I.V. really puts a lot of thought and soul into the rhymes and the subject matter on this LP, while the producers do a great job of conposing strong theatrical backdrops that match perfectly with D.I.V.'s vocals.  Although this album comes to us at the end of the year, it is and certainly was one of the better street tapes to come out in 2012!

For more information on D.I.V. check out his blog at

Monday, December 10, 2012

Expect to Hear some HOT BEATS in The 12 Hour!

Rising Yonkers, New York based emcee D.I.V. (of It's So O.D.) will be releasing a new album titled The 12th Hour on Dec. 12th 2012 (12/12/12) and not only will D.I.V. spit deep lyrics on subjects and topics concerning what's going on in the world today, the 12th Hour will also contain very HOT PRODUCTION from Joey C. and Jay the Chef (among others).

According to the two singles leading up to the release "P.O.W.E.R." and "World Goes Round" (both songs featuring singer Nyco), there is one thing listeners can be sure to expect and that is this project to have lots of hot and banging beats!

For more information on D.I.V. check out his official promo blog at

and for more updates on The 12th Hour just check out

Monday, December 3, 2012

Review: D.I.V. "P.O.W.E.R." (Official Video)

Check out the hot new video titled "P.O.W.E.R." from rising Yonkers New York based recording artist D.I.V. (of So O.D.).

The track is produced by two of D.I.V.'s in-house beatmakers Jay the Chef and Joey C., who construct a very powerful and soulful track that brings out the best of D.I.V.'s super lyrical abilities.  The track also has a solid vocalist, Nyco who blends perfectly into the backdrop of the instrumental so well that her voice on the hook sounds as if it's a sample.  Nyco's presence adds a lot of flavor to the song and the video provides a great visual to compliment this soon to be underground classic!

For more information on D.I.V. and his videos just go to

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grammy Nominated Producers KlubJumpers remix "Dare To Live A Dream" by PerfectPryzm

Grammy Nominated producers KlubJumpers team up with the electronic/dance/club music making duo from down under PerfectPryzm to remix "Dare To Live A Dream".  The single is being released through ACM Records and you can hear a sample of the track by clicking on the embedded Youtube Video above.

The beat is very energetic and is sure to get everyone on the dance floor.  The Klubjumpers surely get the Beat Yard stamp of approval for this track!

For more information on PerfectPryzm go to their official promo blog at

Monday, November 5, 2012

DJ Affluence "Get The Money and Run" Instrumental

Listen to one of the new banging instrumentals produced by DJ turned beatmaker DJ Affluence AKA The Money Making DJ!

The name of this instrumental is titled "Get The Money and Run" and it has a mid 2000's 50 Cent "I Get Money" feel to the track!  The beat has a banging bass drum and a dirty sounding snare that will stick to your eardrum.  To listen just click the youtube video above.  Feel free to post your comments and thoughts.

For more information on DJ Affluence and upcoming DJ Affluence tracks just go to or his youtube at 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Single: Nitres featuring Petey Pablo "What It Is"

Check out the latest single from Nitres "What It Is" featuring Petey Pablo! This track stars two North Carolina heavyweights at their finest!

The beat on this song is banging and Nitres and Petey Pablo both shine over this track!

For more information on Nitres just go to his official blog at 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

DJ Colossal Presents THE SEAL OF APPROVAL VOL. 1 (hosted by Ike Ellis) MIXTAPE

Check out the beats on latest mixtape from the legendary DJ Colossal!

DJ Colossal Presents...  
The Seal of Approval Vol. 1
(hosted by Ike Ellis)

Track List
1.  Ike Ellis Introduction
2.  Ike Ellis "Good Good"
3.  D.I.V. "U C Me" (featuring Hop Da Great & Nuf $ed)
4.  Dolo the Bandit "Get Down"
5.  L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Reckless"
6.  PGR Boyz "Swag Game"
7.  Cutthroat Smitty "I'm Gone"
8.  Mr. Boom Boom Bang "Eatin' Good"
9.  Caliktro "Look At Her Go"
10.  Young Nino "Lookin' Good"
11.  Mono Bagends "On Fire"
12.  Ike Ellis "Shake Ya Body"
13.  J Midd & Ying Yang Twins "Choosin'"
14.  DJ Mega-Blaster & Celsius911 "Strip Game"
15.  Ike Ellis "Loving You"

You can stream the mixtape on DatPiff here.......

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

D.I.V. - U C ME Ft. Hop Da Great and Nuf Sed (Prod. by Joey C)

Official Music Video Directed by JustAddWater Films (Mr Key 2 NY)

All Original music from D.I.V. Feat. Hop Da Great and Nuf Sed, Produced by Joey C, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by D.I.V.

U C ME is off of The Vision's The Foundation Presented by The Legendary Ron G which is available for FREE Download:

Visit for more on the artist D.I.V. & for more on Hop Da Great

for all inquiries including but not limited to bookings, production, engineering, design, songwriting and mastering please contact

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 Chainz - Yuck Feat. Lil Wayne (Mora Cover) "Official Video"

Mora wowed us with his break up anthem "Let 'Em Know" in the Fall of 2011, and the official video to the single (that was directed by Theshay West) became a viral hit! Now, the Georgia based recording artist, Mora flips a cover of 2 Chainze and Lil' Wayne's "Yuck", and the video is HOT! Check it out at the top of the page here! Also be on the look out for Mora's upcoming EP dropping soon!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beat Talk: Mono Bagends

Mono Bagends has been burning up the Internet, and The Streets with his banging hot new single and Youtube Video "On Fire", and while Mono Bagends is blazing speakers everywhere across the nation The Beat Yard decides to get in touch with the rising artist and talk to him about "beats" while he's still hot!    

The Beat Yard:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Mono Bagends:  Unique...I have a different style. I truly do not sound like anyone else. I've been nominated at Underground Music Awards for Most Original Solo Artist so there is some merit behind my statement.  

The Beat Yard:  What type of beats bring out the best in what you do?  
Mono Bagends:  It's hard to say..I am versatile. I don't look for anything in-particular but I know what I want when I hear it. I do like high energy paced..but it doesn't have to be those type of beats. Basically, when I hear a beat I know whether I want to rock out over it. 

The Beat Yard:  For those that haven't heard the single yet, how would you describe the beat to your latest single "On Fire"? 
Mono Bagends:  It is simply hot....hard to describe in words...when you hear it it just gives you that good want to hear more. If I needed to pick one word it would be inspiring. The chorus is ridiculous and the flow and lyrics are monsters.  I am very proud of it. 

The Beat Yard:  What producers have you worked with? 
Mono Bagends: Luxxury Music did "On Fire". I have also worked with T-Weezy, DR Period, D-Sharp and D-Animal.

The Beat Yard:  What producers would you like to work with in the future? 
Mono Bagends: Dr. Dre has to be number one. He is so talented, I would love to see what I could create with his guidance. Timbaland has always been someone I wanted to work with also. I feel that I could really ride his beats. 

The Beat Yard:  Do you ever buy beats from up and coming beatmakers? 
Mono Bagends:  Of Course. Some of the better beats I have gotten are from up and comers. My boy T-Weezy is sick. I don't care what your name is...if it's's hot and we can rock out. 

The Beat Yard:  What is your process for selecting beats? 
Mono Bagends: I don't have a step by step process. Sometimes producers send them to me via e-mail, sometimes they are pre-made and I hear them right in the studio and sometimes we create them right there in the moment around my flow and concept. 

The Beat Yard:  Who are your top 5 favorite producers of all time?   
Mono Bagends: DR. Dre, Timbaland, Manny Fresh, Kanye West and Scott Storch.

The Beat Yard:  Do you like to be in the studio with the producer or would you rather them send you beats and you work on them at your own pace?  
Mono Bagends: I like working at my own pace..I don't mind producer feedback but I prefer to initially create it myself.  

The Beat Yard:  Is there any last minute things you would like to say, or anything else you would like to plug?  
Mono Bagends: Absolutely. Everyone should check out my video "On Fire" on you tube (link below)....The visual brings the song to life. A man overcoming his struggles to fulfill his destiny. Here are other links where you can follow my career and hear great music. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beat Talk: Dolo the Bandit


We recently got in touch with rising New York based hip hop lyricist Dolo the Bandit (through PR firm The Giant Blast) in order to conduct an exclusive one on one interview with the artist about what makes him tick and to ride the current wave of attention surrounding his hot new mixtape titled The Heist - Code: Black Op that is sure to help bring hip hop back to it's "Boom Bap" roots... read all about what this artist had to say in this quick and to the point interview here on The Beat Yard.

The Beat Yard:  How would you describe your sound as an artist?
Dolo the Bandit:  Highly organic and Hip-Hop in its rawest nature. 

The Beat Yard What type of beats bring out the best in what you do?
Dolo the Bandit: 
Beats made with passion & love will always spark me. I have that connection with the integrity put in the music. 

The Beat Yard:  Who are your top 5 favorite producers/ beatmakers?
Dolo the Bandit: 
Just Blaze, Kanye west, Dr. Dre, Neptunes.

The Beat Yard:  Who are some of the beatmakers that you have worked with?
Dolo the Bandit: 
Sickness, Notes, Sal GuoD, Buda The Future, DK Allday, to name a few. 

The Beat Yard:  Who would you like to work with in the future?
Dolo the Bandit: 
Anyone in love with their craft creating beautiful music. 

The Beat Yard:  Would you prefer to be in the studio with a beatmaker, or would you rather the beatmaker just send you a track and you rhyme to it whenever you have the chance?
Dolo the Bandit:  I prefer to collab with producers in the studio. Collective efforts are always better though schedules and technology has changed that routine. 

The Beat Yard:  Do you buy beats from up and coming producers?
Dolo the Bandit: 
The Beat Yard:  What is your process for selecting beats?
Dolo the Bandit: 
I go for what touches me on a fun & creative level.  Beats that challenge my sound & artist ability.  

The Beat Yard:  Have you had any negative experiences you've had with a beatmaker/ producer that you would like to share?
Dolo the Bandit: 
Having a producer re-create a beat they no longer have tracked out. It's very annoying and most the time it's the tracks you really want.

The Beat Yard:  Is there anything else you would like to plug?
Dolo the Bandit: 
Project Monarch on the way! Roach clips Available on iTunes now!



Stream and/or Download the Banging new Mixtape from Dolo the Bandit titled The Heist Code: Black Op
here at this link
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Ike Ellis murders the beat on this new single titled "Good Good"

Check out Ike Ellis spitting hot flames over this hot beat! This track is featured on the Please Rewind Mixtape. For more information on Ike Ellis check out his Official Blog at

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beat Talk: D.I.V.

The Beat Yard recently reached out to rising Yonkers, New York based producer/rapper/engineer D.I.V.  for a one on one interview.  In this interview D.I.V. discusses his favorite beats, producers, pet peeves as an engineer and a gang of other interesting topics.  Read all about what this artist has to say below.

The Beat Yard:  In your own words who is D.I.V.?
D.I.V.:  D.I.V. is Destiny In Vision. I am history in the making.  Smooth, Raw and So New York.  I am a Giant G Boss.  I am classic but trendy, and that’s why I am timeless, but still relevant.

The Beat Yard:  What types of beats bring out the best in what you do?
D.I.V.:  Heavy drums and anything with soul.  The drums will compliment my voice, but the chords are what inspires me.  Anything that touches my soul is gon bring the best caliber from me.

The Beat Yard:  What beatmakers have you worked with in the past?
D.I.V.:  I have worked with Joey C, Jay Chef, Mike Diesel The Don, Ghetto Mozart, Ly1rkz, DJ Corbett, Rhythm J Beats, Swollen Drumz Productions, A.O., VTZ, Heavy Weight Beats, King Kong Productions.

The Beat Yard:  What beatmakers would you like to work with in the future?
D.I.V.:  I wanna work with Joey C!  Other than him: DJ Premier, RZA, Alchemist, Ryan Leslie, Swizz Beats, 9th Wonder, Kanye, Rick Rubin, Dr Dre, Just Blaze, Skrillex, Araab Music and I definitely wanna work with my homie Shy City.  He designed the cover to my latest mixtape The Vision’s The Foundation, he is real talented.

The Beat Yard:  Who are your top 5 favorite producers of all time?

D.I.V.:  In no order…Dr Dre, Alchemist, DJ Premier, Kanye West, and Swizz Beats.


The Beat Yard:  What are the 5 sickest beats you've ever heard?

D.I.V.:  "Phone Tap"- The Firm, Styles P & Pharoe Monch - "The Life", Wu Tang - "Cream", The Lox - "Money, Power, Respect", Black Rob - "Whoa". 


The Beat Yard:  What types of sounds do you enjoy hearing in beats the most?
D.I.V.:  Strings, Heavy Bass, Hard Snares, Guitar, and Piano.

The Beat Yard:  We see that you are also a recording engineer too, how did you get the skill? Did you go to school for it?
D.I.V.:  I became an engineer out of need, and in recording myself, I started to get a knack for it… I fell in love with audio over time and engineering definitely has a place in that.  I began interning at a studio in NYC and started to get nice with it.  I really learned out of just engineering thousand of sessions over the years.

The Beat Yard:  As an engineer, what are some of your pet peeves when recording other artists?
D.I.V.:  Honestly I hate it when an artist doesn’t know their material well enough… I am a busy man, I don’t need to be with you while you learn your own s***, and I know I'm getting paid, but let me enjoy what I'm doing and lets create more in that time, not just beat a dead horse… To me listening to a rapper record and they cant get it right is like someone slamming their head against a brick wall over and over again expecting to see if it falls over (lol). Then they only booked an hour or two and they expect to have two songs mixed and mastered and on a CD... Its ridiculous and amateur. I spend 10+ hours on some of my own mixes, and they expect that same quality… not gonna happen unless I get the right amount of bread. You can’t rush greatness bro… unless your great (lol). My brother Nuf Sed for example 1 takes almost everything… enabling me to focus on the song entirely, not just one small part… and it shows at the end.  That is a model artist as far as what I look for…­­­On the flip side, as an artist who has recorded in other peoples studios for features and such, I HATE engineers who don’t pay attention to the session… I went off on this one kid once, he was engineering the session and online shopping for tight ass Gothic clothing while we were tracking vocals… (SMFH!) So I started telling him what we needed done and he told me that HIS PET PEEVE was people telling him how to work… I told him my pet peeve was engineers looking at f***** lingerie instead of doing what we are paying them for (LOL). I can look back now and laugh, but at the time I was about to choke the s**t outta him!

The Beat Yard:  In your opinion, is it important for producers to track out each sound individually in their beats or could an artist get just as good results if it was two tracked (vocals on one track and the beat on one track)?
D.I.V.:  I ONLY record on tracked out beats. Aside from freestyles and promo tracks, but all my producers track out everything… The things I can do with track outs make the song sound like a different track completely sometimes… To anyone buying beats I will say this: IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!

The Beat Yard:  You also make beats yourself, how would you describe yourself as a beatmaker?
D.I.V.:  I am a casual beat maker right now.  I have no set format, I make beats out of pure inspiration and whenever it comes up.  I am more focused on rapping than beat making. However mostly all the tracks I do with Joey C I co-produce in one way or another. At the very least we sequence them together. As an artist its dope cuz I can have an idea in my head, or maybe a sample I wanna use, with a concept in mind and then go to Joey and we put it to life. It’s the dopest s**t ever.

The Beat Yard:  Have you ever made beats for other artists, if so, who?
D.I.V.:  Me and Joey just did a joint for Nuf Sed for his birthday. We sampled DEVO Enough Said… what a corny record, but the way we flipped and what he will do with it, that joints gonna be crazyyy!

The Beat Yard:  What do you use to make your beats?

D.I.V.:  We use turntables to sample records, Motif 6, MPC 2500, Fruity Loops for a lot of sequencing, Pro Tools, Proteus 2000.

The Beat Yard:  Do you sell any of your own beats?

D.I.V.:  We definitely have beats for sale! Hit us up @ for more info.

The Beat Yard:
  Do you buy beats from up and coming producers?
D.I.V.:  I have for a while now.  I still have unreleased material with producers I bought beats from, but currently our production is done in house with Joey and I don’t really budget outside of that. I am open to collabos all day, and I would love to do beats with established producers, primarily ones I listed above.

The Beat Yard:  What advice would you give beatmakers?

D.I.V.:  Personally I appreciate a producer with their own sound.  I cant stand when a producer says: “this is my Kanye style beat, this is my Premier style beat, this is my Lex Luger style beat” I would say to take all your influences and fuse them together to make you! So instead of having those three beats, id say take a Kanye type sample, with some Lex Luger drums and scratch a hook like Premier.  Now you got a style of music that no one is doing but you are still being true to your influences.  If you are an artist in any capacity, creativity should be the most important thing!

The Beat Yard:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years in the industry?
D.I.V.:  On tour, making great music and videos and just eating off what we love to do… I see my self working as an engineer, developing up and coming artists, producing, all while still being an incredible artist.

The Beat Yard:  Any last minute shout outs?

D.I.V.:  Any plugs, I would just ask for people to check my site:, check out our long list of work and please leave your feedback!  Any artists looking for quality mixing, mastering or production please don’t hesitate to reach out, and if you need an engineer in the tri-state, I am available for hire:

So O.D.
Official Website:
Reverb Nation:
Facebook Fan Page:
News Blog:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Audible Doctor "The Ex" Instrumental from The Spread EP (produced by Audible Doctor)

This is a track is featured on The Spread EP and is produced by the Audible Doctor, member of the New York based hip hop group Brown Bag All Stars. Check out our official blog at

Beat Talk: Ike Ellis

North Carolina is a state that's booming with talented hip hop recording artists, from Petey Pablo, to Phonte' Coleman to J. Cole, and in this Interview we reach out to one of the most current stars to shine and emerge from the state Ike Ellis!  In this one on one Beat Yard exclusive interview Ike Ellis talks about the production on his new album Cornbread (set to be released on June 12th 2012), what beats bring out the best in what he does, his favorite producers and more!  Read all about it below.

The Beat Yard:  What type of beats bring out the best in Ike Ellis?
Ike Ellis:  Big drums, high hats, guitars,  kind of rock and roll but hip hop base sound.  Maybe to describe the feeling would be Just Blaze sound with Dre type mix to it.  I think my favorite song ever made when I think of production is Mannie Fresh/TI “Top back” to this day. 
The Beat Yard:  Who are your top 5 favorite beatmakers?
Ike Ellis:  Timbaland, Mannie Fresh, Dr. Dre, DJ Toomp, Just blaze

The Beat Yard:  Can you name 5 of the best beats you've ever heard?
Ike Ellis:  TI “Top Back”, Common “Corners”, TI “You Don’t  Know Me”, Jay-Z "Public Service Announcement" and
Aliyah “One in a Million” till this day I still don’t know what Timbaland used in that song what it crickets?

The Beat Yard:  What beatmakers have you worked with?
Ike Ellis:  Streetzmentor, B Squared, Focus, Reese Keys, and Brad M. 
The Beat Yard:  Who would you like to get a beat from?
Ike Ellis:  Mannie Fresh, Dr Dre, Timbaland, but hey they out my budget so I have to go with whatever give me that feeling and grind it out.

The Beat Yard:  Have you ever wrote a song to a particular beat that you weren't feeling, but somehow the song still came out great? 
Ike Ellis:  Yea It happens all the time.  It’s some music I really don’t get into as a listener, but as an artist I have to share my thoughts on instrumentation that some people will like.  It’s about the tone, the pitch, and the message within in the songs that helps me write a song.  The beat has never made me as an artist.  I try to compliment what the beat wants me to say on the beat.  As a song writer the beat talks to me, or makes me rap this kind of way instead of that way if that makes any sense.

The Beat Yard:  You also make beats yourself, we read that you produced the song "Black Man in a Black Car" which will be featured on your forthcoming Cornbread album, how would you describe yourself as a beatmaker?
Ike Ellis:  I come from an artist point of view.  Some people was charging way to much for the music, when I know the caliber artist I am.  With that said, I had to make a few beats to get the ball rolling on the concept of the album and the beat and that song is what I came up with.  My beats are energetic and futuristic for the most part.  I have not mastered the all the aspect of production.  I know what I would like to hear, but the technical side of creating the beat is not master on my part as of yet.  I'm working though, and in no time I will have it down pact.
The Beat Yard:  What do you use to make your own beats?
Ike Ellis:  I have a Roland Fantom, Reason, mpc 1000 (but I don’t use it much), Logic.

The Beat Yard:  Have you produced songs for other artists or do you just make tracks for yourself?
Ike Ellis:  I have produced a track for Young Nitres, and Broadway Miller was featured on a song I composed called the “Carolina Conglomerate”

The Beat Yard:  Do you buy beats?
Ike Ellis:  Yes, I purchase beats if they are worth what they are charging.

The Beat Yard:  How can up and coming beatmakers submit beats to you, or do you just prefer to go after the producers you want to use?
Ike Ellis:  Send the joints to 
I check out all the beats and put them in a library.  The feeling have to catch me in the first 30 seconds or I will go to the next joint.  Also, I don’t like when producer limit me as an artist or say this type of sound is for IKE ELLIS because he rapped this way on that song.  Variety is what I am after.  The main thing is the drums have to be right, and the tone or the message with in the songs has to talk to me and the people that will be listening to the track.

The Beat Yard:  Would you be open to doing a collaboration project with another beat maker?
Ike Ellis:  Yes, I will work with most as long as it fits within the image of what IKE ELLIS represents.

The Beat Yard:  What types of instruments and sounds do you like most in the types of beats you like to rock to?
Ike Ellis:  The drums, guitars, and high hats.  I love all the sounds from the west coast for some reason.  There drums just do what it is supposed to do, clear, crisp, sound that can be identified.

The Beat Yard:  Are there any last minute things you would like to plug in this interview?
Ike Ellis:  Appreciate the interview of my thoughts as an artist. This is big business. IKE ELLIS, signing out.

If you like what this artist had to say and if you are looking for more updates on this artist then check out this blog Ike Ellis News here at

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beat Listening Session with Beatmakers Olatunji Mason & J-Coleman

Earlier last month, producer/songwriter Olatunji Mason (one half of the group Blaq Planet, that currently has a single buzzing on Internet radio called "So Much Trouble" featuring Krumb Snatcha & Shabba Ranks) reached out to North Carolina based Boom Bap beatmaker J-Coleman to collaborate on a track for the forthcoming Blaq Planet mixtape.  Check out the beat listening session from the two beatmakers as they bounce ideas, and discuss the track selected to be used for the project.

For more beats and beat listening sessions come back to the beat yard for more updates.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mr. Boom Boom Bang "Fasure" Instrumental

This beat is the instrumental to the popular single released by Hearsay Recording artist Mr. Boom Boom Bang. This beat was also produced by Mr. Boom Boom Bang himself. If you would like more information and updates on this rising rapper, songwriter and producer take a look at his official blog at

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Welcome To The Beat Yard

          Welcome to "The Beat Yard".  This blog is FOR beatmakers and producers BY beatmakers and producers!  This blog will contain exclusive interviews with talented beatmakers, advice, tips and tutorials for up and coming beatmakers, free downloadable samples, loops and other tools for software based beatmakers, marketing and promotional tips to educate producers on how they can increase their clientele, make sales and generate more money from their craft, and will also have success stories from hit makers!  This entire web page will include articles, write ups and even reviews on beats as well.  The Beat Yard will feature segments and pages where artists can stream instrumentals from our featured beatmakers and will include options for artists to buy beats straight from the producers.   We will also use this blog/web page to help beatmakers get placement for their music, and connect them to A&Rs, labels, management companies and others that maybe interested in using their works of art.  Although this page is primarily for Hip Hop/Rap, R&B and Urban Music, composers and songwriters of all genres of music are welcome here, and on occasion we will even feature musicians and display resources for those who play and use live instruments!

This page will also be updated weekly, so keep checking back for more updates!

-The Beat Yard Staff