Thursday, December 14, 2017


Check out the new BEAT YARD single of the WEEK from rising hip hop recording artist FAUNT here at the direct link below.  The name of the single is titled "Coldest Winter Ever"

Get more updates on Faunt at his official promo blog at this direct link

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Beat Talk: Interview with singer Cameron Hailey

The Beat Yard speaks with singer Cameron Hailey about his music, beat choices, and more!  Read all about the artist in this in this one on one interview below.

The Beat Yard:  What's up Cameron, how are you?  Are you ready for this interview?
Cameron Hailey:  I'm doing GREAT, thanks for having me.

The Beat Yard:  How would you describe your brand of music?
Cameron Hailey:  I would still describe my brand of music as THROWBACK HIP HOP/R&b SOUL.

The Beat Yard:  What type of beats bring out the best in what you do?
Cameron Hailey:  Something that speaks to my heart, if I don't feel it nothing good or creative is good come out, my beats usually have samples of old r&b and hip hop.So I would say those type of beats.

The Beat Yard:  Who are some of the producers / beat makers that you work with?
Cameron Hailey:  Baby breeze, OSHEA, Shys Debiocci, & MARQELL (BTW marqell PROD. my new single "1 CALL" feat. Oshea, which out RIGHT NOW. Go check it out you won't be disappointed).

The Beat Yard:  Who would you like to work with in the future?

The Beat Yard:  What type of instruments and sounds do you like hearing in beats?
Cameron Hailey:  I love hearing strings and guitars in my music, also I LOVE a banging beat.

The Beat Yard:  Do you buy beats?  How can producers that are reading this get in touch with you to submit beats?
Cameron Hailey:  Yes I always purchase my BEATS; if any producer wants to submit there music my email is I ALWAYS check my emails, so don't be shy to send me something cause you never know.

The Beat Yard:  Would you rather be hands on with a producer and work in the studio with the producer or do you prefer the producer to just send you beats and you work on your own time?
Cameron Hailey:  I Rather be hands on in the studio (with the producer present), I feel like the my songs turn out better that way.

The Beat Yard:  In your own words, what's the difference between a producer and a beat maker?
Cameron Hailey:  An actual producer in my eye helps contribute to writing the songs and has interest in the songs direction or concept. Also they make the beats. And a beat maker is no more than those to words a "BEAT MAKER", and to me those type producers AREN'T producers cause really ANYONE can make a beat; Doesn't mean your an quote on quote producer. Just my opinion.

The Beat Yard:  What are your plans for 2018?
Cameron Hailey:  My plans for 2018 are getting ready for my new Album to be released this spring "LOVECHILD", and the release of my 2nd single. And the MUSIC VIDEO FOR my current single "1 call" will be coming soon as well. So stayed tuned cause I'm gonna be around for a while. 

Cameron Hailey on Social Media
Instagram - @cameronhaileyy Facebook - cameron hailey lockhart & Twitter - @DaRealCameronH.

Monday, December 11, 2017


Check out our exclusive one on one interview with rising New York rapper LORD PAYBACK here on THE BEAT YARD!  In this interview he talks about the type of beats he prefers, his songwriting method and more!  

Also get updates from LORD PAYBACK at

The Beat Yard:  How has 2017 been looking like for Lord Payback?
Lord Payback:  Ups and Downs....keep pushing forward no matter what.  

The Beat Yard:  What type of beats bring out the best in what you do as an artist?
Lord Payback:  I prefer beats with a fast bpm....100 bpm or over that are aggressive sounding in nature.

The Beat Yard:  What producers are you working with right now and who would you like to work with in the future?
Lord Payback:  I'm not currently working with doesn't matter to me the name or status of a producer...If it's hot then we rock out.

The Beat Yard:  Do you usually write to the beat, or do you write the song and see if you find a beat that matches?  What is your method?
Lord Payback:  I always write to the beat. That's how you get a perfect match. I could do it any way I want but that's the proper way to do it.

The Beat Yard:  Do you buy beats?  
Lord Payback: Yes...I purchase exclusive rights.

The Beat Yard:  Do you prefer to work in the studio with a producer or just get the track and work on it at your own convenience?  
Lord Payback:  I've done both.  I usually do it at my own convenience and produce it myself, but if I am with a true producer not a beat maker and they provide valuable input then I am all for it.

The Beat Yard:  How can upcoming producers get in touch with you for beats?
Lord Payback:  Hit me up at you do not have a written agreement or if you are not willing to sign the paperwork I provide you with...DO NOT bother to hit me up. 

The Beat Yard:  Could you tell the readers a little about your beat choices on your mixtape series Verbal Battery?
Lord Payback:  I just tried to find aggressive sounding beats that allowed me to speak about what I wanted to write about. The name of the mixtape series is Verbal Battery so obviously I wanted hard sounding tracks. I like beats that can start riots.

The Beat Yard: Is there anything else you would like to plug or shoutout?  
Lord Payback:   Check out my website for more music and merchandise. We have a great line of t-shirts, tank tops and Hoodies with the Payback brand. Also, look out for my single "Get Sexy For Me" on itunes, spotify and every other online outlet. The video is also on the website and youtube. Thank you for the interview. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

THE BEAT YARD SINGLE OF THE WEEK: DJ Blade Tha 1st "Lyrical Cypher"


Take a listen to the latest single produced by DJ Blade Tha 1st titled "Lyrical Cypher" and featuring 3 incredible emcees Furious Stylez, Hunter and Pacewon of the Outsidaz! This song certainly has a golden era, boom bap feel to it and is certainly needed in hip hop today.
Listen to the single at the direct link below....


Blazed Up Records -C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky From CT
Sean Davis (Born April 12 1988) known as S Dot Breez Dot to some, a.k.a. C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky, is a Hartford born graphic artist, portrait artists, song writer and dancer. The Husky has been drawing and writing killer rhymes since he attended Camren Arace Middle school in Bloomfield CT. His first love was drawing and was inspired by the great Walt Disney to draw and use his imagination. When he started rappping, the first steps were writing his hip hop verses in the corners of his drawings. Once a friend by the name of Rayshawn Thompson saw his lyrics on a drawing and read them, he told the young husky that you should try rapping.  With that notion he started to write his lyrics more abroad and showing them off in the lunchroom, art class, and talent shows. Also With heavy rhythm from poplocking with friends he started to put his rhymes to his dance movement which created a silent beat. The Husky then started to listen and study from the legendary acts such as Tech n9ne, Busta Rhymes , Michael Jackson and James Brown finding a new style with speed rap and energy. He started to hone in on his musical talents while also using his artistic abilities to create drawings that depicted what he was talking about in his songs.
As time went on the Husky went to Bloomfield high school and  focused more on dancing and drawing. While in high school the Husky took it upon himself to then start drawing portraits of the young girls to start gaining attention with the young girls. Shortly after, some of the young girls started to pay the young Husky to draw them. This then enlightened him because it was a way to make his own money and also display his talent. Going through high school, the Husky did find himself in some groups of friends that showed him the ways of the streets and make faster bigger money while camouflaging it with his artwork. While growing and learning he figured that the street life was too boring and repetitive and can lead to nothing but negativity. Upon graduation from high school, the Husky decided to go to Gibbs College in Farmington Connecticut. While attending College, the Husky landed the opportunity to have an internship with the Walt Disney Company. The college program showed him the magic behind the magic and also taught him how to market his own magic properly.
After graduating college in 2008 the Husky found himself only working regular jobs and wanting more. With that in mind he went with his cousin Javon Campbell to a in house studio and dropped a couple of vocals as a hype man for his first rap group called Trap Team.  After finding Trap Team they created songs and performed them at open mics with Lovie xl and also performing at the Webster Hall Theater in New York City. Even though these were small time shows people were recognizing the Husky from music videos and his social media networks displaying his new work with the group. While in the group he adopted the name S Dot Breez Dot that was cleverly thought up by his friend Mark Jones also known as Lens.

Sadly, the group did not make big enough moves to please the other group members so the Husky, once again show courage and ambition to become a solo artist. Going back to his inspiration from Tech N9ne, he saw that Tech was the number one independent rapper in the world. This gave the Husky a new idea to create his own label called Easty Entertainment. When creating the label, the Husky wanted to change his name that best suited him. One night at a family cookout his older cousin Stephanie said "I'm going to call you Cujo". The reasoning behind the name was because if she offered him a plate, even if he wasn't hungry he would still take it because it was offered to him. Hence the acronym C.U.J.O. His name stands for Cuz yoU Just Offered.
As of right now the Husky is in full blown motion to reach the top of the musical industry and to bring back money and new ways to get children off the street in CT.  As a new affiliate of Blazed Up Records, he is coming with a couple new songs like "Fire" and "Vicious in CT" feat. General P. This is only the start of a great journey for C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky from CT. So prepare yourself for the restart of real hip hop!!!

Friday, November 10, 2017


Take a look at our Featured artist of the Week, SOUNDZ GRATE!  Read all about him below and check out his links on social media.

Bio: Up and coming artist who's love of Neo-Soul, and True Hip-Hop, and all music in general gives his style a new flavor that is needed today.
The Singer/Rapper/Song-writer/Producer was born in Birmingham, Alabama and it was his parents that started his love for music. Hundreds of Vinyl Records, CDs, and cassettes have influenced the rhythmic tunes that Soundz Grate's music gives off as soon as you hit the play button.
Artist that have critically influenced Soundz Grate are D'Angelo, Missy Elliot, Outkast, Michael, Jackson, Phil Perry, Common Sense, Al Jarreau, Jamiroquai, and so many others, the list is endless. With the negative change that has befallen Hip-Hop started to threaten the culture and meaning behind the craft. With the help of his friend and mentor Polo Don Red, Soundz Grate has come out to give Hip-Hop, and R&B the much needed IV she needs to be healthy and purposeful as she once was.
With a name like Soundz Grate he has a reputation to live up to, and a hell of a lot to prove to everyone. Keep an ear out for the one who Soundz Grate and walks in the foot steps of legends.

Check out Soundz Grate (@SoundzGrate):

I'm listening to "Soundz Grate Radio" on Pandora.

IG: Soundz_Grate

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Modelz and Bottlez by PAPA DRAMA featuring J-Stylz of Blackstreet

"Modelz and Bottlez" is the hot new single from Papa Drama featuring J -Stylz from Blackstreet. The single is a smooth blend of rap fused with r&b. The song is targeted for the ladies and appeals to the most discerning listener. Shot in NC by Charlotte's own Krucifix productions.Papa Drama will be dropping his mix-tape titled "Gasoline Rain" the end of November. His EP "High Octane" is available on all the digital stores such as Spotify, Amazon and ITunes

Follow his movement: