Friday, March 21, 2014

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Brittney J. "Dark or Light" (Hearsay Records)

Listen to the single of the week by rising R&B sensation BRITTNEY J.! Brittney J's new single "Dark or Light" is getting a strong buzz online, and bloggers are saying that this single is certainly the Drink Song of 2014! Click the embedded youtube image above and listen to this soon to be classic!  For more information on Brittney J. e-mail

Beat Talk: Mono Bagends talks about "Get Sexy For Me" and more!

Check out our latest interview with Mono Bagends!  In this interview the New York stationed rapper talks about this beat choices, his latest single "Get Sexy For Me" and a whole lot more!  Read all about it here.

The Beat Yard:  How has everything been going sense the last time we've talked to you Mono Bagends?  What's new?
Mono Bagends:  Everything is good...taking one day at a time and trying to stay positive.

The Beat Yard:  Speaking of "new", you have a hot new record out called "Get Sexy For Me", how is that record?
Mono Bagends:  It's a r&b/rap type record that is very good for radio. I also can see people getting freaky to it in the clubs.  It's a good record for a couple to get down to.

The Beat Yard:  Who did the beat for this record?
Mono Bagends:  D-Sharp

The Beat Yard:  Have you worked with this producer before?
Mono Bagends:  We have done two songs together..

The Beat Yard:  Do you plan on working with this producer in the future?
Mono Bagends:  I'm open to it but I do not have any immediate plans to do so....we just spoke the other day about a show in North Carolina for me to do so we work on other things as well

The Beat Yard:  What other producers have you been getting at recently for production?
 Mono Bagends:  I have been dealing with a few cats. I like to keep everything on the hush till songs are released...I'm superstitious like that.

The Beat Yard:  Are you in the market for more beats right now?  If so, how can producers get at you?
Mono Bagends:  I'm always looking for that fire...they can hit me up on twitter, facebook or e-mail me at

The Beat Yard:  What producers are do you think are hot in 2014?
Mono Bagends: I'm not sure to be honest...I'm not that big on big named producers...I more look for that underground cat to come up with.

The Beat Yard:  What is one of the hottest beats you've heard recently?  
Mono Bagends:  I like the foreigner beat from the Fabolous mixtape...BK All day!!!

The Beat Yard:  What type of beats can we expect to hear Mono Bagends on in the future?
Mono Bagends:  I'm very versatile...producers ask me all the time what I'm looking for and the only answer I can give is "I'll know when I hear it".


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Check out Mighty Da Don (rising New York rapper)

Mighty Da Don is a Young artist from the Bronx. He lived in Maryland for 9 years. He started rapping at 13. Between 14 and 15 Mighty Da don ran into trouble with the law. Then ir was time to focus on becoming producive. "I got my inspiration from my cousin Y Millz." Mighty the don wanted to be a therapist growing up. Nowadays while finishing high school he has started to go to the studio more often. He is serious with his music and has now joined G.O.D.H.O.S, Mighty Da Don has new video out Grind Or Die Ft Y Millz and Kali Makaveli He is focused and expects to put his own mark with his music. COMING SOON link to FBpage please GRIND OR DIE, HUSTLE OR STARVE

Monday, March 10, 2014

Beat Talk: Coach Real (Rising King of New York Hip Hop)

Ask Five on Black Vibes:  Coach Real

Rising New York based indie hip hop recording artist Coach Real sits down and talks to us here at The Beat Yard about the types of beats he likes to rock to, the producers he would like to build with and more!  Check out what he has to say here in this one on one interview.

The Beat Yard:  How has 2014 been for you so far?
Coach Real:  2014 has been very good so far.  I'm putting a lot of things together for a very successful fiscal year.

The Beat Yard:  What beats bring out the best in what you do?
Coach Real:  I wouldn't say there is a certain type of beat that brings  out my best.  I will say I dislike Southern style beats with a passion and honestly I make beats hot, they don't make me.

The Beat Yard:  What producers have you worked with so far?
Coach Real:  Stephen Farr for feta productions the Grammy award winning team The Writers Block and Eque the imperial, and I'm expecting some material from Adam Deitch from break science and hopefully Cinemax from death house.

The Beat Yard:  What producers would you like to work with in the future?
Coach Real:  DJ Premier,  Timbaland, Pete Rock, Harry Fraud, The RZA, and most of all aarabMuzik.

The Beat Yard:  Who are some of your favorite producers?
Coach Real:  I would have to say my favorite producer I have not worked with yet is AarabMuzik his sound is crazy and for me it defines New York city street hip hop.  It's almost like a calling card for the hood and then Adam Deitch from break science.  Now Adam is family from way back.  I have known Adam since 1997 when I was in the Under World Secret Service.  I actually performed with Adam at s.o.b.'s and he is a true hip hop fan and he produced "My Gun Goes off" on 50 Cent's Curtis album plus Adam Deitch and Borahm lee is  BREAK SCIENCE so I can't wait to hop on some of there dub step beats and make history.  Now for producers I have worked with I would have to say Cinemax and then my current producer Stephen Farr.  Cinemax is my very first producer he is the one that taught me what 16 bars is and how to count bars and BPM's.   Cinemax is the one that turned me into a professional recording artist took me from a 4 track Akai board to working on ssl boards in Premier's studio formerly known as Quad Studio.  Also Michael Jacksons studio room in Sony studios which NO ARTIST ON EARTH HAS EVER RECORDED IN EXCEPT FOR US THE UNDER WORLD SECRET SERVICE.  He helped me develop my craft and style from a rookie so he knows my sound and how I rhyme and what I like so hopefully I can get him on this album it would be a needed bonus.  Then you have Stephen Farr, for feta productions aka MR FARR he is another guy I have known for a long time and he has worked with another family member of mines CX so he also knows how I ride the beat and what I need to move forward he came into the picture right when I started my promo campaign and we linked up and he knew coach real as a rookie, but once he got a hold of Coach Real the vet it was a whole different ball game Mr. Farr and I have a vision of music that I promise you will change the face of hip hop as we know it we already have done something that has never been done on the record "THE SERMON" he literally put a sermon in the middle of the record and it sounds crazy and I look forward to finishing my album with Mr. Farr so we can move to the next level on something even newer and fresher.

The Beat Yard:  Do you buy beats?
Coach Real:  So far no I have not purchased any beats.  I think right now its more beneficial for producers to either front me the beat and we work something out if it sells or we can do something on the back end either way anything can be worked out I just don't think its smart for me as a independent to purchase beats that you don't know how well the beat is going to do air play wise or if you can sell the record you use the beat for.  So its just smarter for both parties.  It's smart for them because I'm the #1 rated rapper in the world according to Reverbnation and I do massive numbers when I release music which in turn gets there name out there as a producer or production team and it also gives me the opportunity to see how my fan base responds to me on whatever beat it is I'm using.

The Beat Yard:  Do you like it more when a producer is hands on with you in creating a song, or would you prefer them to send beats and you work on your own?
Coach Real:  I like when me and the producer work together on the track its self the beat and maybe the hook because when making a record its about bringing two visions together my vision and the producers and making them blend together for one vision is key and some times a producer can have a beat that i have a vision for and he can just email it to me and i will body it at the end of the day its always the rapper and the beat.

The Beat Yard:  What's next for Coach Real when it comes to what types of beats and production we can expect to hear you on in the future?
Coach Real:  There is no such thing as a certain  type of beat or sound to expect to hear me on my flow and delivery allows me to hop on anything and make it a hit but i will say this new dub step/hip hop sound is next up for me to flip and who knows I might get Kid Rock to make me something.  I'm far out there like that you can never tell with me my creativity has no bounds.

Check out Coach Real at these links

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Check out "His Holy Hip Hop" Radio!


Looking to hear something uplifting on Sunday?  Listen to "His Holy Hip Hop"!  These Christian Hip Hop Recordings Artists spit just as hard as the mainstream artists!  Listen to it for yourself here at this link