Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Beat Yard Single Of The Week: "Flatline" by Diverse Gravity

Check out THE BEAT YARD single of the WEEK by rising New York based recording duo Diverse Gravity titled "FLATLINE"!  

The beat is HOT!  The two artists shock LIFE into the track with Mellyrow (the emcee) spitting solid verses and TJ Vida singing a powerful hook for the song's chorus.  Although the song is called "FLATLINE" the single is certainly alive and kicking!  The single is available on iTunes at this direct link

Take a look at the full short film starring Diverse Gravity titled FLATLINE as well.

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Beat Talk: Darrell Herbert the Poet (Interview)

Get to know rising young poet Darrell Herbert AKA The Artivist.  We, at The Beat Yard, recently sat down with the brilliant up and coming master of words Darrell Herbert to discuss all of his recent success and to further tap into the mind of this wonderful and talented "Artist" / "Activist".  
Read all about what he had to say in this amazing interview....

The Beat Yard:  Hi Darrell, what have you been up to?
Darrell Herbert: I have been volunteering more frequently, as well as earning more publications of poetry.  In addition to this, I have also been writing more poetry and songs.

The Beat Yard:  Could you briefly tell the readers a little about you and your poetry?
Darrell Herbert: I'm a poet, and songwriter, among other things. My poetry is well written, emotional, as well as thought provoking pieces of work.

The Beat Yard:  What inspires you to write poetry?
Darrell Herbert: The majority of the time my inspiration to write poetry comes from my current or past experiences. 

The Beat Yard:  You have performed on songs and even written songs as well, could you tell the readers a little bit about the songs you've done and who you've worked with?
Darrell Herbert: I've done a lot of songs with other people. Some are musicians, some are singers, and others are rappers. Others are songwriters. I've done songs with people like James Brown and B.R.E, among many others. I have written songs for people such as Grace and Kyara.

The Beat Yard:  Do you plan on writing more songs to beats in the future?
Darrell Herbert: Yes, I do plan on writing more songs to beats in the future.

The Beat Yard:  What type of beats bring out the best in what you do?
Darrell Herbert: The type of beats that bring out the best in what I do are Rap, Hip-Hop, Indie, Grime, Neo-Soul, Rock, and Metal.

The Beat Yard:  What are some of your favorite beats?
Darrell Herbert: Some of my favorite beats include Last Dinosaurs's "Wellness," MVSCLES's "Sweet n Sour," I Used To Be A Sparrow's "On/Off." 

The Beat Yard:  Is there anything else you would like to share with us?       
Darrell Herbert: I am thankful to be an inspiration for other people.

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This Poem Needs a BEAT: 50/100 Freestyle by Darrell Herbert the Artivist

50/100 Freestyle by Darrell Herbert

Gone too soon from cancer, rest in peace to Amber
I have more questions and less answers
I'd ask Shelby if she could help me, but she would never tell me, let alone actually accept me
No telly, I quit chasing love after Marisa, or Ashanti, or Sarah, or Esmeralda, or Shania, or maybe Kelly
No tickets, fuck the trophies, and mind your business
I would put her on, but for right now that's off limits
On and off through a tough prison, I hope you listen because I'm bound to end up the one missing
Cross my heart and hope to die as if I was a Christian
Deleted you out of my life and out of my phone
All in all I'm at home while still feeling all alone
How can I grow if I've never grown?
That's like a star blowing up and not having the money blown
Never show love if the love was never shown
Alternating crafty metaphors, our trust issues just got divorced with no help or moral support
Lighting C4's with two bitches and four doors
Yes Lord, I'm at war, it's all forced
I'm not new to this, that shit was sick
Your old bitch is at the latest crib, and meanwhile I heard your newest shit
Hitting her up using the freshest hit-list
It's just a curse and a gift, that's like you slitting your wrist, that's like Bloody Mary holding all of the cards and all of the chips
I hit a point where I couldn't keep going
Saw the signs, but it's never showing
And it'll be a compilation, of bitter lies and truthful preparation, of the great or good and the riches payments, of false hope and your truest statements
Above it all it's underneath the mattress
Addressing those who would question the status
Empress of the soul, I'm the shining white knight without the pips to have a real queen like Letizia or a Gladys 
I know they want me dead, but I'm still alive
Still living as if I'm terrified, or petrified of dying while being crucified right in front of the two-faced triple eye
They'll wrap you up and pass it off as gifts
The more I forget about you, the less I forgive
Black sheep, but who's the goat?
We are not the same, we're just in the same boat
Going off on fake friends who just do the most
I'm either taken for granted or taken as a joke
You knew that I was too focused on bitches, that fucked up my image
Now the only time I hear from you is when it involves my birthday wishes
And I remember how I felt that night
You did me wrong while I gave you life
You fucked me over, and you did that shit out of spite, you was on one more than twice
Spit on my coffin before I say goodnight, because the light at the end of the tunnel isn't always bright
Major trust issues, but my real problems were never small
We used to be close, but now I don't hear from you at all
You wouldn't hold me down on my downfall 
You called it quits before I got the chance to call
Fake people are just another beautifully penned banger, I keep it close because we're only distant strangers
Single, but I don't give it a single thought
I'd sell my soul since it was never bought
That's like catching feelings that you haven't caught

Monday, October 17, 2016

Beat Yard Single Of The Week: Skully "Fully Loaded" featuring N.O.R.E.

Take a listen to The Beat Yard single of the week "Fully Loaded" by Skully featuring N.O.R.E.!  This is a certified club banger right here!  The beat is hot and will certainly have everyone in the club dancing with a drink in their hand.  

Stream it and listen to it for yourself from iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon and other places music can be streamed and downloaded digitally.