Monday, September 30, 2013

Rhyme Scheme's "4 Letters" featured on Rap Star Vidz


Rhyme Scheme's "4 Letters" Music Video is getting love and attention all over the world wide web!  One of the latest places to support the music video is Rap Star Vidz!

Check it out for yourself at this direct link

The ALL BLACK Album Coming Soon!!!

Al Cohen and Eve Adams of ACM Records Interviewed on The Blast Cast Podcast


Al Cohen and Eve Adams the founders of ACM Records recently appeared on The Blast Cast (Podcast)  for an in-depth interview talking about the history of the label, the artists, the music business and more!  

Listen to the podcast here at these links

Podcast Interview Pt. 1

Podcast Interview Pt. 2

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rhyme Scheme's music being featured on Phenomenal Radio!!


Recording Artist and Program Director of Phenomenal Radio, Slate Stone has been supporting Rhyme Scheme's music (after receiving tracks via Jay of The Giant Blast), by placing the singles "Can't Stop" and "4 Letters" in rotation on the station!  DJs, if you aren't playing the singles by Rhyme Scheme then WAKE UP!  E-mail us if you are a DJ, or PD and you need the single for your station!

The ALL BLACK Album coming SOON!!!

ACM Recording artist Shif-T featured on Dimez on Deck

Dimez on Deck
ACM Recording artist Shif-T and the music video to her single "Rappa Slash Rocka" is now being featured in the "Ear Candy" section of Dimez on Deck.  Check it out here at this direct link

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rhyme Scheme featured in The Mixtape Drop! 

After DJ Scrill received some of Rhyme Scheme's music and links from Jay of The Giant Blast, DJ Scrill has decided to get behind the movement and support Rhyme Scheme's by advertising the rising artist on the Mixtape Drop!  Check it out here at this link

The ALL BLACK Album coming soon!

This Marvel Super Villain Also Raps!

Youtube announced the week of Aug. 4th - Aug. 10th as "Geek Week", promoting videos that have comic book, video game, anime and sci-fi themes, and to ride the current wave of Geek Week, Just Some Guy Named "Jay" has made a video review of MCBEE-X's "I'm the King Pin" single that plays off of the ACM Recording artists striking resemblance to Marvel's King Pin.  Listeners can click the embedded youtube link above to hear the review.

To listen to the single just click on this link.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Watch the Rhyme Scheme's "4 Letters" Music Video the Next Time You're High

Rhyme Scheme's "4 Letters" single is now being featured on "The Next Time You're High" the wordpress blog that features interesting youtube clips and music videos.

You can check it out here at this direct link

Rhyme Scheme's ALL BLACK album
coming soon!

PerfectPryzm featured in The Microwave Blog

The Microwave Blog

PerfectPryzm was recently featured in The Microwave Blog for their latest single "Angel" being "Hot right now!".  Check it out here at this direct link

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Music: PerfectPryzm "Angel" (Remixed by The Klubjumpers)

ACM Records is proud to present the latest single from PerfectPryzm titled "Angel" (remixed and produced by The KlubJumpers).  Listen to a sample clip of the song above.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Seven (ACM Records)


Bio From The Official ACM Records Site:  You probably remember 7 as a lucky number. Yet Seven is \'lucky\' to be alive pursuing his dreams as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His near death experience from head trauma from a tragic accident in 1995, brought about the name when he was in the hospital for only seven days. 

Seven has always had a love for all music. As a youth, he hung around many family members and friends in the music industry, but his true interest came about when he was in Oakland in 1993. His uncle Pete Wilson was producing a record for his group at the time and brought Seven in on one of the recording sessions. Pete had him rap on a track, which came to be Seven\'s first recording. Seeing the process of making a record right before his eyes intrigued Seven ten times more with music. 

He worked with many unknown and unsigned recording artists, producers, and musicians until he got burned once too many. Chance, another uncle of his, approached him with the game plan of owning his own record label. Therefore Roccaz Records was born. They recruited a producer/friend Keith Sterling to help with Seven\'s debut album Roccaz Records. 

Together they created 18 tracks in 3 months. All original music, two guys, no egos, no B.S. When asked what makes him different from the rest, he says, \'music lives forever, and my goal is to be %231, nothing more, nothing less\'.

Purchase some of Seven's previous releases here at this link

5 Reasons Artists Should Use Beats from Mr. Boom Boom Bang


If you are an artist looking for beats from some of the hottest up and coming beatmakers crafting some of the craziest tracks in music today, then you should definitely consider working with Mr. Boom Boom Bang!  Here is The Beat Yard's top 5 reasons artists should use beats from the talented Mr. Boom Boom Bang!!

1.  All Original:  Mr. Boom Boom Bang composes his own original music.  No samples, no looping old 1970s soul music and just adding basic drums to the background, none of that.  The powerful compositions all come from Mr. Boom Boom Bang's noggin.

2.  He Could Do Your Hook/Chorus:  If you need a catchy, and memorable hook to go along with the beat but can't quite come up with anything good enough on your own?  Mr. Boom Boom Bang has that covered 100%.  Most of the hits you hear on the radio these days have nothing on the powerful chants and sing-a-long melodies found on pretty much every one of Mr. Boom Boom Bang's singles.  If you don't believe us, just listen to the songs featured on the artist/producers previous street releases The Big Bang 2 and The Rebuild Mixtape!

3.  He also writes Song:  Need help with some of the lyrics?  Nothing wrong with a strong ghostwriter getting behind you.

4.  He Produced the Strip Club Anthem of 2013:  Mr. Boom Boom Bang had the strip clubs buzzing, the dancers sliding up those poles taking it all off and the men everywhere throwing them dollars all across the South East (especially in Atlanta, GA), with the song "Freaky Noize".  Bloggers, critics and DJs across the globe were calling this hot single "The Strip Club Anthem of 2013" and so it was.  Listen to it here at 
this direct link

5.  He's Affordable:  Mr. Boom Boom Bang certainly has beats to fit any budget!  If you are interested in snagging Mr. Boom Boom Bang's tracks for an upcoming project then be sure to contact Moses Dailey by e-mail at or by phone at (404) 239-8062