Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dolo the Bandit "Roach Clips" (Official Video)

Take a look at the official video for the lead single to Dolo the Bandit's Project Monarch titled "Roach Clips" at the embedded video link above!  Feel free to post your comments.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beat Yard Featured Project: Dolo the Bandit PROJECT MONARCH

Take a listen to and download the banging new EP from rising New York based Hip Hop recording artist Dolo the Bandit titled Project Monarch!

Project Monarch features 5 solid Hip Hop classics all performed by Dolo the Bandit over some of the illest Boom Bap tracks produced this season in 2013!  Dolo the Bandit seems to have a great ear for outstanding production, because each of the 5 tracks on this EP will keep the listeners head bobbing from start to finish! You wont find any synthetic hip hop, keyboard laced loops on this opus, what you will find are strategically flipped samples with hard hitting drums that will take the listers back Hip Hop's Golden Era!

The production isn't the only highlight of this project, Dolo the Bandit holds each song together with air tight lyrics that will have fans pressing the pause and rewind button just to take in every word Dolo spins from his lips. 

We can go on and on about the EP, but you will have to listen to it for yourself to get the full effect!  You can check it out here at this link

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Blast Cast: Interview with Moses Dailey (Mr. Boom Boom Bang's Manager)

In this installment of The Blast Cast, Internet Personality "Just Some Guy Named Jay" talks to current Beat Yard featured artists' Mr. Boom Boom Bang's manager Moses Dailey of Hearsay Records.  In this interview Moses Dailey talks about what it's like to manage artists with huge egos, all the hard work that goes down behind the scenes in the music business, beat placement, working with India.Irie, R&B group Silk, So So Def, publishing, royalties, making money with the music, the music scene in Atlanta and more!

Check out The Beat Yard featured artist Mr. Boom Boom Bang here at

Check out Mr. Boom Boom Bang's single "Freaky Noize" on iTunes here at this link


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MCBEE-X "I'm The King Pin" featuring Donald D. & Soul SK (Official Video)

Check out the latest video from current Beat Yard featured artist MCBEE-X titled "I'm The King Pin" featuring Donald D. and Soul SK

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

MCBEE-X's New Single and Video Coming March 19th 2013

The Official Video and Single for MCBEE-X's "I'm The King Pin" will be released March 19th 2013

Keep checking back on The Beat Yard for more updates!

Friday, March 15, 2013

New Single: Mr. Boom Boom Bang "Freaky Noize"

Check out the latest single from rising Atlanta Georgia based recording artist Mr. Boom Boom Bang! The name of this single is titled "Freaky Noize"! This beat is definitely something for the Strip Clubs. Listen to it for yourself!

For more information on Mr. Boom Boom Bang and his beats check out his official music blog at

Monday, March 11, 2013

Beat Talk: Interview with Mono Bagends (talks about his NEW single "You Drive Me Crazy")

 The Beat Yard recently got in touch with rising New York based recording artist Mono Bagends for another one on one "Beat Talk" interview.  This time around Mono Bagends has a new single to promote called "You Drive Me Crazy" featuring singer Mela Bela, with D-Animal behind the boards.  Read the interview below to find out what Mono Bagends has to say about his new soon to be hit record!

The Beat Yard:  What have you been up to Mono Bagends sense the last time we've spoke?
Mono Bagends:  Working on getting this music all over the world...been recording and mostly doing interviews. 

The Beat Yard:  For those that haven't heard it yet, how would you describe your latest single... "You Drive Me Crazy"?
Mono Bagends:   Its a pop/dance type of paced...a club's about a sour relationship. It has a strong hook sung by Mela Bela.

The Beat Yard:  What words would you use to define the beat?  
Mono Bagends:  It's hot..its fast paced dance type of beat...very different from my previous records.

The Beat Yard:  This is a hot track, I hear that you reached out to D-Animal for this track, how did you hook up with him?  
Mono Bagends:  I reached out to the company that shops his material...we made it happen.

The Beat Yard:  Do you plan on working with D-Animal again in the future? 

Mono Bagends:   We already have....I just recording a second song using his beats.

The Beat Yard:  Do you know of any artists that D-Animal has worked with prior to working with you?
Mono Bagends:  E-40, Paul Wall and LL Cool J to name a few. 


The Beat Yard:  In a previous interview you said you hopped to one day rhyme over a beat by Dr. Dre or Timbaland, have you added any other dream producers to that list so far?  
Mono Bagends:  Not really...I don't get caught up in a producers name...if it's hot I'll rock out with it. At this point, dream producers isn't my focus point.

The Beat Yard:   Have you ever considered getting into producing yourself, or at least producing your own records?
Mono Bagends:  Yes I have...I co-produce all my records...I don't make the beats but I co-produce the records...a lot of people think a beat maker and a producer are the same things but they are not.

The Beat Yard:  You are the owner of the independent label Bagends Records, and I know pushing your music first is a priority at this stage, but have you considered signing any other artists or even hiring an in-house production staff?
Mono Bagends:  I have considered both of those things.  I have some people in mind but I need to get my project off and running first. I would be looking for a female singer before a rapper....too many headaches with rappers. 


The Beat Yard:  What else would you like to add, anything else you would like to speak on?
Mono Bagends:   I want to thank you for the interview and give a shout out to all my fans and everyone who has been supporting the movement. You can check out my career and music at the following sites.