Sunday, May 17, 2015

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GENERAL GROWN "Built For This" (Official Video)

Take a look at the latest single and music video from current South East Hip Hop featured artist General Grown titled "Built for This".  Check it out by clicking the embedded video below.  Rapper Az-Iz also makes a cameo appearance in the video as well.

9Ten Mobb "Smoke-N-Mary" Available on iTunes



Check out the latest single from the 9Ten Mobb titled "Smoke N Mary" now available on iTunes.  Check it out here at this direct link
Get more information on the 9Ten Mobb at

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beat Talk: Az-Iz talks about his upcoming prjects!


 Rising indie hip hop recording artist Az-Iz talks about his upcoming projects, mixtapes, buying beats and MORE in this one on one, in-depth interview with The Beat Yard.  Check out what he has to say here in the interview below.

The Beat Yard:  Hey Az-Iz could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?  Could you introduce yourself?
Az-Iz:  I’m just a regular guy.  I like sports, food, beer and music (laughs), but I am a highly motivated individual.  I’ve never been one to just “settle”.  Ever since I was a little kid, I remember always having a vision, a dream, a plan. Granted, that dream changed SEVERAL times growing up, I ALWAYS had aspirations to be GREAT.  I come from a hood in one of the poorest communities in our country, Detroit, Michigan. So, growing up, I experienced and saw the worst in people and our country and I believe that is part of my drive to be more, to be better.

The Beat Yard: You are currently working on a mixtape and your self titled album Az-Iz, could you tell the readers what type of beats the listeners can expect to hear on this project?
Az-Iz:   Well, I can tell you that the selection will be a reflection of myself.  There will be a nice variety of music on the album AND the mixtape.  The entire album will feature beats from Young Goku, Young B, and Beatamatix while the mixtape will feature beats from those 3 producers as well as a few “remixes” of popular songs.  There will be new-school club beats, trap beats, classic beats as well as some story music. I bring variety and originality to the table. #snowdat

The Beat Yard:  What types of beats bring out the best in what you do?
Az-Iz:   Really, I do not lean towards a specific beat “type”, I get into any music that I can “feel”.  Basically, if it’s a quality beat, it allows me to be at the top of my game.  The type and BPM really doesn’t have an impact.  I’m a fan of MANY music genres.  My two favorite bands are Pink Floyd and Green Day, BIG difference just between those two.  I have a diverse pallet when it comes to my music taste (laughs)

The Beat Yard:   What types of sounds do you enjoy hearing in beats the most?
Az-Iz:   I’m definitely a fan of hats and kick drums, but really, I enjoy anything different that works together. A GREAT example is what my boy Young Goku did with the instruments on the beat to my upcoming single, “Time Is Money”. Ya’ll will definitely have to check that out when it dropped WORLDWIDE on May 5th.

The Beat Yard:  Who are some of the producers you are working with for these upcoming projects?
Az-Iz: (laughs) Guess I got a little too detailed earlier. The 3 producers I will be working with on my album are Beatamatix, Young Goku, and Young B. My mixtape will be featuring a larger variety of producers, but mostly those three at the core of everything I do.

The Beat Yard:  Who are some producers or beatmakers that you would like to work with in the future?
Az-Iz:   I’m actually REALLY happy with the quality and variety I get out of my 3 producers, but, if I were given the opportunity, I would LOVE to work with beats from David Banner, Swizz Beatz, & Manny Fresh just to name a few.

The Beat Yard:   Who are your favorite producers?
Az-Iz:  MY producers are my favorite producers, they will be household names VERY soon: Beatamatix, Young Goku and Young B.

The Beat Yard:   What are your top 5 favorite instrumentals?
Az-Iz:  “Shook Ones” – Mobb Deep
“5 On It” – The Luniz
“Rubberband Man” – T.I.
“Time Is Money” – Az-Iz
“Hate It or Love It” – The Game

The Beat Yard:  For up and coming producers that would like to submit beats to you, how do they go about doing that?
Az-Iz:  Send all beats and beat snippets (with price details) to
Do not send them if you are going to get mad when they get rejected. Constructive criticism is part of this business and just like my music is not for everybody, not all beats are for everybody. But I am always open to working with new talent.

The Beat Yard: Do you buy beats?
Az-Iz:  Yes I do. I buy ALL my beats except for remixes for mixtapes of course.

The Beat Yard:  Do you prefer a producer to send you a track, or do you like producers to be more hands on with you in the studio?
Az-Iz:  Both suit me just fine.  It’s always nice to work with a producer, but I find that most producers work best when you give them an idea and let them run with it. It’s WHAT THEY DO.

The Beat Yard:  Is there anything else you would like to mention or plug in this interview that we haven't touched on?
Az-Iz:  BIG shout out to South East Hip-Hop Magazine for all the support and hard work behind my movement, SNOWDAT! Also, shout out to everyone with my team, GMT (Grown Man Team) as well as my family at the Realistik Network. You GOT TO have a solid team around you that you can trust and I am blessed with JUST that. Shout out to the artists that will be featuring on my album including Keyz 2 Tha Game, General Grown, Sweets, and a few more. Also, MAKE SURE you grab your copy of “Time Is Money” on May 5th from either Amazon, GooglePlay, iTunes or ANY OTHER digital media retailer and get ready for the release of my upcoming album. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list And as ALWAYS, SALUTE THE FANS!!!