Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Beat View: Abiss "Point & Shoot" (Review)

Abiss "Point and Shoot" (Clean Version) 

Forget all about the battle between Drake and Meek Mill, The Beat Yard would like to declare Abiss' "Point and Shoot" as the dis record of the year!   On the track she goes after her opponents, kicking, punching and body slamming them over the beat.  Who is her target you may ask?  It's all those who take subliminal shots at other people in records and social media.... she tells the wack emcees that take cheap shots and make subs to just cut out all the cute, fluff talk and just "Point and Shoot"!  Ironically, Abiss isn't naming names on this particular track either, however... whoever she is talking about they certainly got the message and it wasn't a "hint", Abiss kills her enemies with this bullet!  

The beat is also powerful as well.  Abiss spits over a dark, violin laced piece that blares through the speakers and has the sound of something that would be placed strategically during a "Brave-Heart"-isque sounding speech right before a battle scene in a movie, come to think of it.... her actual lyrics sound like a "Brave Heart" speech right before a battle!!  Listen to this battle cry here at this direct link

Polo Young Cocky murders the BEAT on New Single "Nino"

Polo Young Cocky "Nino" 

We over here at The Beat Yard love to recognize when an artist murders a beat and Polo Young Cocky did just that for his new single "Nino"!  Check out his high energy on the song, as he goes hard!  Listen to the single and judge for yourself at this direct link

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Beat on "Power Up" is POWERFUL!

Check out the beat on one of the hottest new singles titled "Power Up" by rising Arkansas based rap artist JVN Barz!

You can listen to the single here at this link

This BEAT goes HARD!  The beat was produced by Trippy!  Check it out and post your feedback below!

Ratchet female rapper, cleans up and records Positive song For The Kids!

Ratchet "Back 2 School"

Rising female rapper known as Ratchet cleans up her act in order to put out a positive and inspirational song for the children to listen to.  The name of the song is "Back 2 School" and it showcases Ratchet's lyrical and songwriting ability with her spitting uplifting rhymes for kids to chant along with over a strong steel drum laced track.  For the hook of the song, Ratchet's very own daughter is featured repeating the chorus right along with it, and her Elementary School aged daughter sounds so adorable on the song!  Listen to the track for yourself at the direct link below.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

NCC Records' THE EMPIRE is bringing BOOM BAP BACK for 2015-2016

NCC Records' The Empire is Bringing Golden Era / Traditional Boom Bap hip hop back with their current single "A Message To Hip Hop" featuring veterans MC Serch, Lin Que AKA Isis and Craig G.!  Check out the single here at this direct link

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Beat Yard Video Of The Week: Ms. Ke "Party Time"

Take a peek at the latest video from rising Missouri based recording artist Ms. Ke titled "Party Time".  Watch it and feel free to post your feedback in the comments section below.  

If you would like more information on Ms. Ke, contact "Jay" at

Radio Host Meichell T. Jackson has a GREAT EAR for BEATS!

Popular Blogtalk Radio Host and VP of Operations of the Blacktopia Movement, Meichell T. Jackson has a great ear for beats!  She's not a recording artist or performer herself, but the music she chooses to showcase on her show "The Late Night Take-Out" definitely lets you know she knows what's good for the ears!  Her show is every Friday Night at 11:00 PM.  Check the flyer for more information.

She also has the single "Let's Make Love Like The 90s" by Mr. Boom Boom Bang in heavy rotation!  

Listen to "Let's Make Love Like The 90s" here at this direct link

Monday, October 26, 2015

Single Of the Week: "Let's Make Love Like The 90s" Mr. Boom Boom Bang


Listen to The Beat Yard single of The Week titled "Let's Make Love Like The 90s" by Mr. Boom Boom Bang!  

Click this link to hear the single:

Post your feedback below!  Really hot production provided by Mr. Boom Boom Bang himself!  The chorus has a nice late 80s / early 90s Prince vibe to it which is also performed by Mr. Boom Boom Bang!  This is certainly a viral hit for sure!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Beat Talk: Interview with R&B singer Nikia

R&B singer Nikia stops by and kicks it with us at The Beat Yard to talk about her new single "The Drug Song" and her forthcoming album She Is Me!  Read all about what she has to say here in this one on one interview.

The Beat Yard:  What's up Miss Nikia?
Nikia:  Hey I'm good... no I'm great!

The Beat Yard:  You have a single out called "The Drug Song" could you tell the readers a little about that?
Nikia:  "The Drug Song" is about someone being addicted to someone's love you know just needing that love to survive.  

The Beat Yard:  Who produced the single "The Drug Song" and how did you connect with the producer for the song?
Nikia:  The song was produced by Shawn keys.  It's funny the song was an accident, he's a great producer he brings out the creativity in you.

The Beat Yard:  Have you worked with this producer before?
Nikia:  With producer before on other songs which you will see on my album She is Me early next year

The Beat Yard:  What producers have you worked with in the past?
Nikia:  Producers I've worked with Gregory Fields Jr.,  Zoid Chords, Bobby Sticks, Jaye Swift, Johnny Wilson, Marty Debarge, Kimo Kaulani to name a few.

The Beat Yard:  What producers would you like to work with in the future?
Nikia:  This is easy I would love to work with Corner Boys, Tank, Timberland, The Dream, DJ Khaled, to name a few

The Beat Yard:  What types of beats, instrumentals, compositions, etc. bring out the best in what you do?
Nikia:  I love a good ballad to be honest a song with a good story to tell.

The Beat Yard:  What sounds or instruments do you like to hear in beats?
Nikia:  I love to hear a good base line, strings, and piano however I do Like different exotic sounds.

The Beat Yard: What is your method for writing a song, do you write to the beat or do you write lyrics and try to find the right piece of music to go with it?
Nikia:  I can really do it either way but I like to be very creative without restrictions so I usually tend to write a song and then compose around it however I can write to music.

The Beat Yard:  Do you assist with the composition or producing of the music?
Nikia:  I most certainly do I like to be involved in the whole process I am nosy (laughs).

The Beat Yard:  Do you prefer the producer to be hands on with you, or do you like to work at your own pace?
Nikia:  I like when the producer is hands on.  I love a good push and a big challenge.

The Beat Yard:  Do you buy beats from producers and beat makers?
Nikia:  I will if its something I really love however I like the live composition better.

The Beat Yard:  How can producers or beatmakers go about submitting beats to you?
Nikia:  Well they can contact my email address and introduce themselves and set up a time to talk all the contact information is on my website

The Beat Yard:  Is there anything else you would like to mention in this interview?
Nikia:  Just download my new single "The Drug Song" and look for my album She is Me early next year...