Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brittney J's singles get love on VAC Radio!

Brittney J's new singles will be played on the VAC Radio Show!

BEAT YARD Featured artist BRITTNEY J'S music will be featured and played on VAC Radio starting Friday April 25th!  Tune in to VAC Radio here at this link

For more information on Brittney J. e-mail

Brittney J's "All My Love" gets love from Kreative Minds Enterprises, INC

The Beat Yard featured artist Brittney J's single "All My Love" (featuring Jibbs) is getting love all over place by many different people!  Check out what Kreative Minds Enterprises, INC had to say about the record!

Yo, just listened to the track....this shit is hot! Scratch that.....

the song is dope! Nice delivery and great originality over the 

original song. The beat is very fresh. 

This is most def a radio hit right in 

time for the sunshine. 

If there is anything Kreative Minds Enterprises, Inc. 

can do for you just let me know.

-Michael "Juice" Warren of 
Kreative Minds Entertainment, INC

Brittney J's single "All My Love" is now being featured in The Carolina Inquirer!

Brittney J's "ALL MY LOVE" single featured in The Carolina Inquirer

The Carolina Inquirer

Beat Yard featured artist Brittney J's new single "All My Love" featuring Jibbs is now being talked about on The Carolina Inquirer.  Check it out here at this direct link

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Brittney J. "All My Love" featuring Jibbs

Check out the new single from current BEAT YARD featured artist Brittney J. titled "All My Love" featuring Jibbs. Listen to Brittney J's version of the song "All My Love" and vibe along with her beautiful voice. Also check out the additional rap verse from rapper Jibbs (the artist behind the hit single "Chain Hang Low"). If you would like more information on Brittney J. and her music e-mail for more information.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Celebrity Publicist Michelle Magee cosigns SOME KOSHER YUPPY'S New Single!

Some Kosher Yuppy (Featured Artist)

Celebrity Publicist Michelle Magee of Bullz Eye Entertainment had some great things to say about Beat Yard featured artist Some Kosher Yuppy's new single and video "GMATT".  Read all about what she had to say here....

Edgy, outside the box rap, if you're looking for straight up 

lyricism and great production don't sleep on this act! A great 

display of how not to sound like every other artist out there. 

Great Job!


GMATT here at this link

Moses Dailey (CEO of Hearsay Records) talks about his artists and the industry on a new Vibes Live Interview

Artist Manager Moses Dailey of Hearsay Records (and manager of new Beat Yard featured artist Brittney J. as well as Mr. Boom Boom Bang) recently sat down and had an on air interview with the Queen of the Live stream Robinlynne on VIBES LIVE! In the interview Moses Daily talks about his artists and the music industry as a whole. Listen to it for your self by clicking the embedded youtube video above.

Listen to more Vibes Live at this link

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Dolo the Bandit "No Bottom" (VIDEO CLIP)

Check out the NEW Dolo the Bandit video Clip

Current Giant Blast featured artist Dolo the Bandit is back with a hot new single titled "No Bottom"! Check out the preview clip to the single by clicking the embedded youtube video above! Want more information? Then e-mail us at

Also check out Dolo the Bandit's promotional blog at