Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beat Talk: Some Kosher Yuppy (The Reason Behind the Rebel!)

The Beat Yard:  How Are you doing Some Kosher Yuppy?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  I'm doing good… 

The Beat Yard:  What projects are you working on or promoting right now?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  I'm currently working on my 3rd Ep titled No Days Off…I just recently released The Rebel's Reason and you can find that on my website

The Beat Yard:  What Beatmakers/Producers did you work with on these Projects? 
Some Kosher Yuppy:  On The Rebel's Reason I worked with a producer from San Francisco, CA by the name of Nickolas Hugh, I worked with Chris Calor and Chris Calor actually produced a few records for No Days Off too… I only worked with like 4 or 5 different beatmakers/producers on No Days Off… Guys like Chris Calor, Chemist, ADOT the God, Kountdown & Big Cat…

The Beat Yard:  What type of beats bring out the best in Some Kosher Yuppy?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  Any track that makes me feel something honestly… It may be a Sound, a drum pattern,  or a way I may hear how I can use my voice as an instrument that draws me to a  beat.  When the drums are dope and the sounds are fresh it feels organic then I add my thoughts… West Coast and South tracks usually do it for me…

The Beat Yard:  Who are some of your favorite producers?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  Pharrell, Kanye West, Kane Beatz, Hit-Boy, Dr. Dre …

The Beat Yard:  Do you Buy Beats?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  Yes

The Beat Yard:  Do you like for a Producer to be hands on with the song you are creating or do you prefer them to send you the track and do your own thing?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  Well as of now I do a bit of both, but ideally as an artist you would want the Prodcuer to be hands on in the process so the Record can be that much bigger and really be brought to Life… 

The Beat Yard:  What producers would you like to work with in the Future?
Some Kosher Yuppy:   The guys I named as my favorites.. Pharrell, Kanye West, Kane Beatz, Hit-Boy, Dre… Even guys like Sounwave & Travi$ Scott their sounds are dope to me… there's a lot more too but that would take all day…

The Beat Yard:  Do you like rapping over instrumentals from time to time or do you prefer to create all original content?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  As far as projects go, it will always be Original Content… When I'm kicking it with the homies or even alone I rap to instrumentals to practice the craft,  that's what I grew up doing… Ill always do that…

The Beat Yard:  What are the 5 Best Hip Hop beats you've ever heard?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  Tupac "Ambition Az A Ridah" , Outkast "Skew it on the Bar" ,  Dr. Dre Snoop Dogg "Nuthin but a G Thang" , Eminem "The Way I Am" , Kanye West "Jesus Walks". 

Featured Single Of The Week: Wess Musiq "Get Mad" featuring Sean Paul of The YoungBloodz

Check out the latest single from Wess Musiq titled "Get Mad" featuring Sean Paul of The YoungBloodz! The single definitely gets "The Beat Yard" stamp of approval! Wess Musiq is currently a South East Hip Hop Magazine featured artist, and fans and viewers can get more updates on Wess Musiq at

Interview with World Wide Music Deal (Deals to Help Beatmakers and Producers!)

The Beat Yard:  What's up?  How is business?
World Wide Music Deal:  Business is going very well... A lot of new customers, repeat customers, and WWMD's name is now becoming a  worldwide name for marketing and promotions. I'm very excited!

The Beat Yard:  What is World Wide Music Deal?
World Wide Music Deal:  World Wide Music Deal is a marketing and promotional company that offers a variety of placements and services for everyone in the music industry. We are known for our low prices, and guarantee satisfaction with everything we offer. From Social Media Marketing including Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, Facebook Fans... To our Major Placements including Television ( VH1, BET, MTV, Ect.)  

The Beat Yard:  We see that you mostly aim the service at rising artist, but how can freelance beatmakers and producers benefit from this service?
World Wide Music Deal:  Everyone can benefit from our services including Beatmakers and producers. One thing about the music industry, it doesn't matter if your a producer, Beatmaker, artists, ect. If your name isn't known around the music business, its very hard to make money. WWMD can take you step by step, and provide you with services to break your name into the industry. 

The Beat Yard:  Do you have any service packages specifically aimed at beatmakers?
World Wide Music Deal:  Of Course! The main thing for beatmakers  is to let artists know who you are, build up a resume, and take over the production side of the industry. World Wide Music Deal can help you get your beats heard by over 300,000 artists willing to network and buy beats. Our twitter blast is built perfect for beatmakers, and at the lowest prices online. 

The Beat Yard:  How could The Beat Yard get involved or benefit from something like World Wide Music Deal?
World Wide Music Deal:  We Now Have an affiliate program! Any Company, Producer, Artist, blog sites, ect. want or need extra money... World Wide Music Deal can help!!  If interested please email and we can start making you money today!

Check out World Wide Music Deal's Official Website at 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beat Talk: Wess Musiq (Interview)

Check out our latest "Beat Talk" interview with rising Florida based rapper Wess Musiq!  In this interview Wess Musiq talks about his favorite beatmakers, the type of beats that bring out the best in his work and more!!!

The Beat Yard:  What's up Wess?  How are you doing?
Wess Musiq:  What's good?  I'm blessed.

The Beat Yard:  What type of beats bring out the best in what you do? 
Wess Musiq:  Club bangers.

The Beat Yard:  How would you describe the beats on your current mixtape, Somethin' 4 Da Streetz Vol. 21? 
Wess Musiq:  Mostly club bangers, its a mixtape nothin but hard hittaz on mines.

The Beat Yard:  What producers did you work with for the mixtape? 
Wess Musiq:  Platinum, Evelution, and Vibe.

The Beat Yard:  What producers/ beatmakers have you worked with in the past? 
Wess Musiq:  Agi, Evil G, Enepradasion, John Cheadle, and I made a couple before.

The Beat Yard:  Who are some of the beatmakers and producers that you haven't worked with that you respect? 
Wess Musiq:  Zaytoven, David banner, Timbaland, Dr. Dre , and Mannie Fresh

The Beat Yard:  Do you buy beats? 
Wess Musiq:  Yes

The Beat Yard:  Have you had any bad experiences with any up coming beatmakers or producers? 
Wess Musiq:  There has been some dilemmas in the past.

The Beat Yard:  In your opinion, what is the difference between a beatmaker and a producer? 
Wess Musiq:  To me a beat maker will just make beats, a producer will actually sit down a mold around your flow to create the sound you really need.

The Beat Yard:  Could you name 5 of your favorite hip hop beats of all time? 
Wess Musiq:  T.I.'s "Rubberband Man" prod. By David banner, Young Jeezy and "The What" produced by mannie fresh.

Fans and viewers can also learn more about Wess Musiq by checking out South East Hip Hop Magazine at 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Video from Arlis Michaels "F**k Yall"

Check out the new music video from Arlis Michaels titled "F*ck Yall"!  Post your comments below!

Shout out to The Giant Blast (@TheGiantBlast)

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Join TEAM SCHEME (Street Team)

Rhyme Scheme

Team Scheme is the Internet "Street Team" for rising indie hip hop recording artist Rhyme Scheme.

If you are a fan or just enjoy Rhyme Scheme's music and want to keep true hip hop alive by supporting Rhyme Scheme and the movement all you have to do is answer this quick questionnaire and return it

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Breaking News: Rhyme Scheme leaves SMG Global Network!

Rhyme Scheme has announced that he has left SMG Global Network and is currently negotiating a deal with other labels to release his forthcoming album All Black!  Keep checking back here for more updates! 

The "4 Letters" Video hits a Milestone! 35,000 + Video Views

Rhyme Scheme's music video "4 Letters" hits a milestone by reaching over 35,000 + video views in just a short period of time (with additional assistance of The Giant Blast's e-mail blast and web marketing service).  Good job for Rhyme Scheme!  Lets see if we can get the views over 100,000 + views!  If you haven't seen the video yet, make sure you do by clicking the link here

Rhyme Scheme is also being featured in the Milestone Section of The Blast Blog!  Check it out here at this link!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rhyme Scheme's "4 Letters" featured on Rap or Die!


Rhyme Scheme's "4 Letters" video is being featured on more and more web pages and blogs!  One of the latest places to support the single and video is RAP OR DIE!!!!  Check it out here at this direct link

MCBEE-X featured in The Brand New Hip Hop Blog

Brand New Hip Hop 

The Music Video to MCBEE-X's "I'm The King Pin" featuring Donald D. and Soul SK is now being featured on The Brand New Hip Hop Blog!  

Take a look at it on this direct link

Get more updates on ACM Records at