Thursday, July 23, 2015

Beat Talk: Ron Beatty

Check out our latest interview with rising Carolina based Hip Hop Recording artist Ron Beatty.  In this interview Ron talks about his latest single, favorite producers, his process for selecting beats, favorite instrumentals and much more!  Read all about him and what this fresh new artist has to say!

The Beat Yard:  How are you feeling right now Ron Beatty?
Ron Beatty:  Life's Grand.  Everything is on the up and up.  Whats happening?

The Beat Yard:  Could you tell us about your new single "Heard About Me"?
 Ron Beatty:  Yea man.  It wasn't meant to be the first single, but it worked.  We were going to drop another joint until a lot of the feedback pushed us to put that one out.  I think it was the best route being it told my story the best.  A lot of people don't really know me, or haven't heard about me I should say.  So it gave them an idea of who I am. Before I kill it.  Before I really show people what's about to go down.  The calm before the storm.  

The Beat Yard:  Who produced the song?
 Ron Beatty:  Kilo Davinci, my little brother and one of Life's Grand top producers.  

The Beat Yard:  For those that have yet to hear the single, how would you describe the beat? 
Ron Beatty:  Hypnotizing.  Engaging.  It brings you to a place of freedom and peace man. It's the sample.  That smooth ass sample gets people.  It took me home.  So I wrote the verses about home and my journey.  People will always connect with the truth.  So I wasn't trying to kill it or anything.  I just told some of what I've been through.  

The Beat Yard:  Who are some of the producers / beatmakers you work with?
Ron Beatty:  Black Jeruz who is former G Unit producer.  Travis Cherry who has joints out right now with Raheem Devaughn that's killing the charts.  Soul Keyz.  A whole lot of producers outside of my crew actually, but I go to my guys first.  And that's Kilo Davinci, Streetzmentor, Nerv, and Big Vizzion throws me a jewel once every 2 years or some shit (he laughs).  

The Beat Yard: What type of beats bring out the best in what you do?Ron Beatty:   Ones that ride.  I ride a lot.  So I want my music to hit, have bass, and knock, and ride.  Has to have that bounce and be universal.  Not trap though.  Not really a trap style artist, but I love the 808s in those type of beats.  I just freak them in my own way.  It works, but I'm versatile so I can really do anything.  But I structure every project to have a sound so it doesn't confuse people.  

The Beat Yard:  What types of sounds do you mostly enjoy hearing in beats? 
Ron Beatty: As I just said, I like 808s.  Dope weird drum patterns.  I'm really also liking beats with less instruments in them.  Gives me more room to create.  I love strings too and Streetzmentor is the guy for that.  Trying to stray away from a bunch of samples, as I don't want them in my pockets before I really get paid you know.  

The Beat Yard:  What are 3 of your favorite instrumentals? 
Ron Beatty: "Guess Who's Back" by Scarface, Beans and Jay. Ummm..."Explosive" off Dre's 2001 joint, and Mobb Deep's "Survival of the Fittest".  

The Beat Yard:  Who are your favorite producers?
 Ron Beatty: Kanye West, Just Blaze, Zaytoven, and my producers.

The Beat Yard:  Do you buy beats?
 Ron Beatty: I will if it's dope enough.  I am an advocate for buying beats if that's what you're asking.

The Beat Yard: Do you like being in the studio with the producer or do you prefer them to send you a track and you go to your own studio?   
Ron Beatty: I'm hands on man.  I like to be there in the flesh.  Picking out the beat, getting it produced up and all. I like to leave and write though, or go in another area and write it.  Sometimes with the beat on loop and just leave me be. I care about the message more than I do just a bunch of hot punchlines and shit, so I have to reflect, and that can take time. Can I write a dope ass verse on the spot?  Yes.  But most timeless songs are more than just hot ass verses.  They take you to the place you heard the song, and that comes from physically, mentally, and emotionally being there working on the record and doing whatever it takes to make that happen.  

The Beat Yard: What would you like to tell the readers about yourself that they may not already know?
 Ron Beatty: I'm coming for everybody's head on my next project.  Nobody is safe.  Nobody.  That's all.  Not on some battle rap shit, but on some, you're gonna have to make an incredible project to even compete. Manifest Destiny.  That is all.  

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